REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)

REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)

REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)

TEP the Destroyer is a single-player tower defence game in which you must defeat over 50 different alien monsters of varying difficulty. Place 8 different types of turrets strategically to deal the most damage to your opponents. There are five forms of armour. There are five forms of damage. The sort of enemy you are battling has a big impact on weapon efficacy. Finish the main quest line to unlock the ultimate challenge! Infinite waves, an abundance of power-ups, and no hope. How long can you hold out before the alien onslaught destroys you?

All of your people’s defences have been overwhelmed by an extraterrestrial onslaught. In a desperate attempt to stop the alien onslaught and save humanity, the Destroyers have been activated. The destroyers are a small cadre of long-forgotten vicious AI battle leaders. Once lauded as heroes for decimating the world’s militaries and creating lasting peace. The destroyers were eventually deemed too hazardous and were placed in perpetual isolation and forgotten.

REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)

Take charge of TEP, the most powerful of the ancient AI battle commanders. After 500 years of isolation, you awaken to a planet in ruins, with an overwhelming extraterrestrial force wreaking havoc on everything around you. Look for new and more potent weaponry. Defend humanity’s remaining survivors before tracking the invaders back to their starting spot. Ensure that the threat has been completely eliminated.

REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)

What people want in a Tower Defense game is, well, freedom to do anything they want without feeling forced and constrained to place (This tower) here because it’s the ONLY tower available to shoot from that range, rather than, say, a frozen tower, as would be the case in another game.

Tep makes an attempt to be a solid Tower Defense game, however I find it really monotonous to play.

You’ll find yourself wanting to use a different method or construct something other than what the game wants you to, which isn’t entertaining.

REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)


  • The campaign contains a good quantity of content but takes a long time to complete.
  • The final stages are extremely difficult, and every time I think one is impossible, I find a method to progress.
  • When you lose lives, the insults might be amusing.
  • You can select the music you want to hear on each level using the music selector.
  • Endless mode maps feature significantly more turret slots.
REVIEW : Tep The Destroyer (PC)


The infinite modes become difficult at higher levels, and the frame rate sometimes drop. Some of the commentator audio is a little janky, but this has no negative impact on the game.

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review-tep-the-destroyer-pcI'd like for Tep to be a good TD to compete with more childish-looking games like Bloons TD, but it falls short of being anything but a static "Use this to win" type of game.


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