As we talk about the PC gaming I think most neglected components would be the power supplies as these ones are not very eye catching design but it’s one of the most important components in PC hardware.

And today we will be looking at Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W gold, but before going into the specifications we need know about the what these figures mean and which power supply to buy.


If look at any box of power supply or view a spec box in website you will come across many numbers and certifications which most of us don’t know about.

So I will talk about the important specs which are important to buy a power supply and will then relate those to this power supply and conclude where does it stand.

First and most important is the wattage of a power supply.

Now if you look at a power supply you should look for both continuous power supply and peak power rating and it should definitely be having continuous power rating and if only have peak rating don’t consider it doesn’t give you what continuous load it will be taking as peak wattage doesn’t explains the duration of the load,it can be a split second.

So here Thermaltake has given both continuous and peak wattage.

Max. Output Capacity



Peak Output Capacity



The continuous wattage is 750w and peak wattage is 900w which means the maximum output the PSu can give is 750w which is like 100% but in reality it draws more than it supplies.peak wattage is 900w which means it can got up to 900w for very short duration of time before it will trips on overload,which is a feature to protect all other pc hardware.


Next is the certifications these power supplies have.

80 plus certifications and also have bronze,silver,gold and platinum variants of their PSU’s.

So what these 80 plus and these variants means?

The 80 plus means that the PSU will give you 80% and above efficiency at 20,50 and 100% loads.that means less power losses.

As nowadays it’s easy to make 80 plus power supplies and in order to differentiate between the products quality the bronze,silver,gold and platinum labels were introduced.the platinum ones are almost 90plus power supplies at 20,50 and 100% loads,below 20% loads these certifications not apply,so it tells us a very important thing about pus’s that is whenever you buy a power supply always look your ideal load power draw value and that load should be more than 20% of the maximum output load of the power supply.

Like if you are using a mid range gaming PC and you decide to use a pricey 1200w 80 plus gold psu and your ideal draw of power is below 240w then you are actually drawing more power and the PSU is not working at 80% efficiency like it should be so always calculate beforehand how much power you are going to use with a little buffer for future use as PC hardware becomes less efficient with time.

You can calculate the power taken by your components on websites for coolermaster provides a wattage calculator.after you get and particular figure with little buffer and that should be more than 20% of the wattage of the PSU.

As for the Thermaltake smart DPS G 750w goes it provides and efficiency curve and fan curve on the box but efficiency curve is missing on their website.anyways the curve make the picture clear and you can easily conclude that the maximum efficiency is at 50% load and the efficiency is way above 90% so your ideal load must be above 20% anyhow but if you can keep it in the high efficiency area which is above 40% which is the sweetest spot.

Next is 100% Japanese capacitors,now these Japanese capacitors are better than your normal Chinese capacitors as they have better electrolyte and better sealing so they don’t leak as with Chinese capacitors as leaking can lead damage to other components and malfunctioning of psu which can lead to fluctuations  anyways not good for your pc.


Now this one is really doesn’t matter because single or multiple rail both are just mean that your connections are coming from same rail or each components have different rails.until both are safe it doesn’t mean anything and in dps g 750w its 12v single rail which gives 750w of continuous power at high amperage (62A) which is good.



Another important feature in Smart DPS G is the Smart zero fan feature and with the help of  its pc app you can make your fan cut in at 30% load which optimises thermal load and minimize the audible noises.



The fan curve easily explains that the fan cuts in at 30% load and even at 100% load the noise levels are below 40 dba.


Next specifications are less talked about but I will give a small description about what they are and how much values are good.


PFC (Power Factor Correction) Active PFC
Power Good Signal 100-500 msec

First is power factor correction(PFC) this one is mentioned as a active PFC which means it uses a circuit for power factor correction unlike capacitors for the passive ones and more the PFC the better as increases efficiency and reduces power bills.

The next is more complicated which is power good signal and for basic understanding The ATX specification defines the Power-Good signal as a +5 volt (V) signal generated in the power supply when it has passed its internal self-tests and the outputs have stabilized.


This normally takes between 0.1 and 0.5 seconds after the power supply is switched on. The signal is then sent to the motherboard, where it is received by the processor timer chip that controls the reset line to the processor. The normal values are between 100-500ms not less or more.


Next one is modularity the fully modular PSU’s are always welcome as better cable management but they cost more and thermaltake gives a option of semi modular version in which the other than  24pin connector all other cables are modular and have flat cable design which reduces clutter,looks good and improves air flow in the chassis.


The Smart DPS G 750w comes with 1×24 pin connector(fixed),1x ATX 12V 4+4 Pin,8x sta 5 pin,4×6+2pci-e,3x 4 pin peripheral and 1x fdd 4 pin.all these cables comes in a very nice bag which is ideal for storing cables.


Other specs which thermaltake gives is dual ball bearing fan,20%-90% humidity operation.

SPM (Smart Power Management)

Thermaltake provides us with a s.p.m management software for the observation of various psu parameters.What spm does is it takes data from your psu every 6 hrs and upload it to the cloud and gives you analysed results,which you can access on your pc or mobile.

The SPM platform provides three alert functions: fan failure, over temperature (over 140℉/60℃), and abnormal voltage level (over/under 5% of normal level) warning alert.The SPM platform allows users to turn off the computer remotely via mobile app when users receive the warning message.

You can do this for the multiple psu’s.

The SPM platform allows users to arrange a scheduled shutdown for the system remotely through the Mobile APP or the Cloud Management. For example, when the process is complete, users can schedule a time for the system to switch off automatically via their mobile devices in order to save the energy and electricity cost.

The spm app for the pc is detailed and easy to use plus it provides cloud analysis and which is also a feature of you running a business and have to observe power costs.


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