REVIEW : Velocity Ultra (PS VITA/STEAM)


Futurlab’s PSP mini makes it grand entrance to PS VITA and PC . The Award winning Sci-Fi top down shooter does not disappoint on either platform and keeps you entertained with 50 puzzling levels and sharp visuals.  

Velocity Ultra is a stand out from crowd game which entertains the player to the core. You as a player,  need to rescue the survivors which have sealed themselves in life pods because of the star collapse that has caused the black hole. These survivors are scattered all over the place.

A fully armed and teleporting Quarp Jet helps the player to accomplish this mission. It allows you to bypass obstacles helping  to navigate across the maze like levels. A handy map screen allows you to traverse across the place during each level.

A game without tricks and challenges is useless and same has been kept in mind while designing Velocity Ultra. To make the mission challenging Switches and Shields have been introduced.Switches need to be shot in order to remove the corresponding shield but care must be taken as you don’t always encounter the switches in the right order. The player may need to warp back to certain junction points to solve this problem.

Each level is being timed, and therefore prohibits you to jump back and forth frequently. The screen should be taken care of as its never-stop-scroll nature may prove to be fatal . You are also being provided with Health Pickups and Multiple hits to guard you from enemies which may be encountered during the play.

At the end of each level , you are being graded on the basis of two things, that are, survivors you rescued and the time you took to complete each level. The leader boards, achievements and trading card provide a boost to improve the performance. Tokens in between the levels allows you to play interesting challenges outside the main story mode.

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review-velocity-ultra-ps-vitasteamThe puzzle element, high resolution visuals, colour coded scheme, audio scheme being used are quite appealing which binds you throughout the game. HGunified recommends Velocity Ultra to everyone who enjoy classic Arcade Shoot-em-up game with great Sound Track.


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