Revised OECD telecom price baskets better reflect consumer usage

Revised OECD telecom price baskets better reflect consumer usage
Revised OECD telecom price baskets better reflect consumer usage

Revised OECD telecom price baskets better reflect consumer usage

The OECD concluded its review of its telecoms baskets at the end of 2017, and approved a new set of baskets, designed to reflect changing usage patterns. These changes will be implemented in the OECD Telecoms Price Benchmarking services offered by Strategy Analytics from February 2018 onwards.

The 2017 update represents a significant overhaul of the baskets, many of which were last reviewed in 2010 (with some interim updates implemented in 2012 and 2014). The general approach of the OECD baskets has always been to provide a fair representation of all types of tariff structures without regard to where they are used, rather than a one-size fits all approach.  This means that for each service, there are a number of baskets, to allow users to determine which baskets provide the best fit with their particular market.

Key changes in the baskets can be summarized as follows:

In the Mobile Voice baskets, the data component has been extended, to take into account increased data usage, and the number of baskets that do not include data have been reduced. Further, two baskets with unlimited voice and SMS have been introduced.

Fixed Voice baskets will no longer include international call charge tracking, reflecting the fact that international calls are increasingly handled outside of the traditional fixed voice network (e.g. through VoIP) in order to minimize costs.

Fixed Broadband baskets have been overhauled, removing the upper speed limit introduced in 2014, and extending technology coverage out to WiMax and Fixed Location LTE

Mobile Broadband baskets are no longer device-specific (any basket can be used with any device). Additionally, two higher usage baskets have been added, taking usage up to a possible 50GB per month, as well as two short term baskets, to simulate short term usage.

There are no changes to the Leased Lines baskets.

Each of the baskets is detailed in the tables below:

Mobile Voice



Fixed Voice

Mobile Broadband

Fixed Broadband

Leased Lines

These changes have come about following a period of consultation with the OECD.  Josie Sephton, Director of Teligen, states “We now have a set of revised baskets which are a much better reflection of usage, and allow for much more robust comparison both within and across markets around the world.”

Bernadette Finn, Associate Director of Teligen adds “We are delighted that we are able to continue to work with the OECD in defining the baskets, and implement these changes in our services.”

If you would like to find out more about the OECD and their announcement on these new basket methodologies, please click here.

To discuss these OECD Price Benchmarking services, and to request more information, or a live demonstration, contact either Josie Sephton or Bernadette Finn.

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