Rise of Insanity leaves Early Access March 1

Rise of Insanity leaves Early Access March 1
Rise of Insanity leaves Early Access March 1

Rise of Insanity leaves Early Access March 1

In Rise of Insanity, you take the role of a Doctor of Psychology who will explore the darkest recesses of the human mind to find the truth behind the tragedy that has befallen his family. The game draws inspiration from classic psychological horror masterpieces such as The ShiningThe Exorcist and Silent Hill. It has additional support for Virtual Reality on Oculus RiftHTC Vive and Gear VR.

During the Early Access, the game has earned very positive reviews on Steam and has been expanded and polished following the suggestions of the Steam Community. The final version includes many new locations and a full ending that wraps up the story of Dr. Dowell.

Rise of Insanity is a first-person psychological horror game, with additional support for VR, which draws inspiration from greatest psychological horror movies such as The ShiningThe Exorcist and Silent Hill.

Set in America in the 1970’s, the story centers around Dr. Stephen Dowell, a renowned phycologist faced with a difficult patient who shows distinct yet contradictory symptoms of different mental disorders.
The life of the doctor himself is also shrouded in mystery – you must step into his shoes to find out the truth.

What terrible fate has befallen your wife and child? Is your new patient, on whom you are testing your experimental treatment methods, somewhat responsible for what happened? Who is to blame?
Don’t lose your nerve and overcome your fear.

Key features

  • The realistic graphics provide a horrifying and immersive atmosphere that will chill you to the core.
  • Haunting, atmospheric soundtrack and professional voice acting.
  • Explore diverse locations inspired by North American architectural trends from the early 70s.
  • Walk, examine, discover dark secrets and solve logical puzzles. Descend the inner depths of the human consciousness.
  • Support for VR goggles ( read the FAQ )

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