RTX 2000 Series- Release Date, Rumours, News and Much More


Nvidia unveiled its new GeForce RTX 2000 series of graphics cards at the Gamescon in August 2018 that took place in Germany. They announced the RTX 2000 release date as September 20, 2018. The popular GTX 1080 is being succeeded by RTX 2080 which will improve the real time ray-tracing effects in the upcoming games. The RTX series 2000 includes RTX 2060, RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. The RTX Series 2000 promises 6 times the performance of the previous generation graphic cards according to Nvidia. The RTX 2000 series’ release date was announced in august 2018. The RTX 2000 series were released in stores on September 20, 2018. These GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit) have real time ray racing and powerful AI enchanted graphics. Ray tracing will give you more lifelike shadows, reflections and lighting. This real time ray tracing will make the games look a lot like movies. The AI GPUs can run the AI algorithms to create clear and more lifelike images also there is a tremendous improvement in the bandwidth and the memory speed. The series 2080 and 2080 Ti are 20-30 percent faster than their previous generation counterparts but then the performance improvements also depend on the software being run. People are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the cards since they announced the RTX 2000 series’ release date.

The RTX 2060 is considered more parallel with GTX 1070 than as a replacement to GTX 1060. With a bit of third party testing it has been observed that RTX 2060 outperforms GTX 1070 a little. The Nvidia CEO Jenson Huang showed a few demonstrations of the existing cards and new rendering techniques with the RTX series. The demonstrations included games like ‘shadow of the tomb raider’, ‘Metro Exodus’, and ‘Battlefield V’. Battlefield V had the most impressive graphics with the Nvidia’s RTX system; the reflections of explosions onto the nearby objects like, cars, tanks, and it even reflected the flames off of guns that the soldiers held. The Metro Exodus game involves sunlight entering from a window, with the RTX rendering the light more accurately into the room; it allows the game developers to hide enemies out of view and even hide other objects. The shadow of the tomb raider demonstration was particularly impressive with realistic shadows and lighting during the nighttime scenarios.

The RTX series’ Tensor cores have DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) they use AI on the cards to provide higher resolution rendering without affecting the performance. The hardware inside the 2000 series has changed and so has the exterior. Nvidia has always used a single fan for decades, but now they have added another fan to the design to ensure that temperatures remain constant with higher power requirements of the new RTX 2000 series graphic cards. This will result in cooler and quieter cards.

RTX 2000 Series Issues

Although all the aforementioned features make it very exciting you will have to keep in mind the costs. The only RTX 2000 series issues are that the cards are the most expensive Nvidia GPUs. Another RTX 2000 series issues is that the price of RTX 2080 Ti is $1200 for the founder’s edition and $1000 from third parties. The RTX 2080 is for $800 and $700 respectively. The RTX 2070 is $600 and $500 respectively and RTX 2060 will cost $350 on initial release. The RTX 2000 series issues seem to pertain to prices for now, we shall know more once these cards are released.  


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