Run a Magical Inn with Your Friends in Innchanted, Available Today on Steam


Team up with AI or co-op companions to stop an evil wizard landlord in this charming fantasy adventure, available for 15% off through April 3!

Publisher Twin Sails Interactive and debut Aussie indie developer DragonBear Studios have released the cooperative innkeeping game Innchanted on Steam today for 16.99 USD / 14.23 GBP / 25.07 AUD after a special 15% discount available through April 3 (19.99 / 16.75 / 29.50 before discount). Check out the new launch trailer and embark on a delightfully chaotic adventure where you’ll cook and serve food, manage and upgrade your inn, and try to keep your customers happy!

Yarrul’s family inn has been stolen by an evil wizard landlord, and it’s up to you to prove your innkeeping skills to reclaim your family’s legacy and keep the inn! Team up with friends and/or an AI companion to manage and upgrade your inn, brew potions, fish, cook, serve food to hungry customers, discover new recipes, and defend your inn in this magical experience.

Making your inn a roaring success will be no easy feat. Every day brings new challenges, layouts, adventures, and mechanics to learn in this hectic and heartfelt fantasy romp inspired by Indigenous Australian tales. You’ll have to navigate your inn’s constant magical changes, overcome the wizard’s nefarious monsters and schemes, and satisfy the infamous Food Critic. But don’t forget that being good innkeepers means charming the locals, fishing sustainably, being kind to others, and helping out your fellow villagers in need!

Key Features:

  • Run a Magical Inn with Friends: Play solo with a delegable AI companion or in a group of up to four players in multiplayer (online or local) to save your inn from the evil wizard landlord across over 50 levels. Work together to brew potions, fish, cook, serve food, and defend your inn from monsters and CatBurglars!
  • Take a Break with Nightly R&R: As night falls, take the time to unwind from the serving rush. Chat with customers, uncover more of the story, practice your skills, and choose a nighttime activity which could prove either helpful or hilarious on your next shift.
  • Fully Upgrade & Customize Your Inn: Make your inn more powerful with improved services and equipment, and decorate it with a variety of tables, paintings, rugs and cute Aussie animals to add a personal touch!
  • Enjoy an Imaginative Fantasy Land: Dive into a beautiful, heartfelt fantasy world full of amazing creatures, magical spirits, and lively locals inspired by Indigenous Australian tales. In this pun- and fun-filled quest, you’ll fight to protect your inn, learn local customs, fish carefully, be good to others, and help out your neighbors!

Innchanted is the debut title from Melbourne, Australia-based DragonBear Studios. The development team includes Indigenous artists, writers, and musicians, which has helped to inspire Innchanted’s distinct setting, artwork, narrative and more. Enjoy a rich and varied cast of characters in this humorous tale about rallying your community to defeat the evil landlord.

Innchanted is also coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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