Take to the seas! Sailaway sets sail today in Early Access

Take to the seas! Sailaway sets sail today in Early Access
Take to the seas! Sailaway sets sail today in Early Access

Take to the seas! Sailaway sets sail today in Early Access

Anchors aweigh! New and experienced sailors alike are able to take to the high seas with Sailaway, which is finally available today to play in Early Access. Published by new independent games publisher, The Irregular Corporation and developed by OrbCreation, the most realistic digital sailing simulator brings the world’s oceans to your fingertips.

Early Access includes three unique boats: the 38′ cruiser, the mini transat and the 52′ classic yacht. The sails and controls for each boat are accurately modeled, along with the gorgeous and unpredictable oceans of the world. These oceans will feature life-like weather conditions, currents, waves and water (all modeled from real world data and unique to the area which you venture to). Also, a wealth of detail to the beautifully rendered day/night cycle can be admired during the voyage.

For the gameplay, a variety of chat functions can be accessed including local, group and global chat (all in real time), along with the ability to sail alongside friends, either on the same boat or alongside one another. There is also a fully interactive world map, allowing the player to accurately plan adventures, and a selection of tutorials and challenges to keep the sailor sharp. The game is also currently localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Dutch, with more languages to come. However not all are 100% implemented at the moment, but will be added in the following weeks.

Here’s a roundup of some of the features that will be added during the early access period:

  • More tutorials to help the player get to grips with the finer aspects of sailing
  • More challenges to put your skills to the test
  • Expanded selection of boats
  • Steam achievements
  • Improvements to visual effects and audio
  • Adding further night sky detail
  • Improvements to land mass fidelity
  • Spectator mode
  • Improving world heightmap data
  • Adding further buoy data to the in-game world
  • Tidal water levels and currents
  • User-organised races and events

Significant progress has already been made on these features, but feedback from the community through the official forum is always welcome to help the development team resolve future issues and improve the sailing experience.

More information on Sailaway can be found at www.sailawaysimulator.com.


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