RCA TV offers never before prices (up to 61% off) on its smart TVs for Diwali


The company has announced special Diwali prices for its five smart TVs variants available on Amazon

RCA, originally known as the Radio Corp. of America, 100 years legacy brand from USA, has come with lucrative offers on Amazon where it has offered special prices on its smart TVs up to 61 per cent off. The festival season has been good as the growth of e-commerce has doubled since the last festival season. An increase in demand has been witnessed from smaller cities as they emerged as the new e-commerce hotspots. For the Great Indian Festival sale on Amazon, the Diwali prices of the RCA 32” HD Smart and 43” FHD Smart TV variants have been sweetened by 61% and 56% respectively.

“First of all, we would like to thank our RCA customers on Amazon.in who made our first ever flash sale of 32” Smart TV @ Rs. 3232 a huge success. Our planned quantities were sold within 2 seconds of the flash sale. We want our consumers to enjoy the festival season with our range of TVs. The idea is to make the TV as affordable as possible and reach out to every corner of the country. As technology has reached to the extreme corners of the country, mobile applications are being used by people of every strata, we hope that everyone will be able to buy our TVs as the price is now cheaper than most of the smart phones. With the upcoming Great Indian Festival on Amazon from 13th-17th October, we are expecting a very high sale during this season,” says Mr. Sumit Maini, Managing Director, Westway Electronics Ltd.

The special Diwali prices offered for 32 inch HD ready TV is Rs 8,999 (61% off) , 43 inch FHD Smart TV is Rs 17,999, 49 inch FHD Smart TV is Rs 21,999, 49 inch 4k UHD Smart TV is Rs 25, 999 and 55 inch 4k UHD Smart TV is Rs 28,999.

The built-in 40 W soundbar, fabricated in two RCA Smart FHD variants – 43” and 49”- is a new generation slim soundbar, attached with the lower side of the bezels. This soundbar is an audio system that has the power best suited for enjoying party music and getting the air of the movies. The experience of gaming is enhanced manifold with this high-end soundbar. Also, it can be connected to the external speakers using Wi-Fi, creating a wireless home theatre inside your home.

The RCA 43” and 49” FHD; RCA 49” and 55” 4k variants are all empowered with Quantum Backlit technology. The light is emitted by a layer of nanocrystals that gives off brighter, thoroughly contrasting and superb colorful visuals. The depth of the picture quality is controlled by these semi-conductor particles for deeper blacks and wider colors – red, blue and green. This technology is the latest adjustment in the big screen television viewing trending in the present market.
All the five RCA Smart TV variants – 32”HD ready; 43” and 49” FHD; 49” and 55” 4K UHD are provided with Smart App. The Smart remote App allows TV to be connected with your Android phone so that remote-controlled system is completely transferred to it. Other features of the television include ultimate Smart TV experience with unlimited entertainment upto 1 Million+ hours of content, extremely smooth performance, Mobile-TV voice search, easy screen sharing, powerful speakers, slim & sleek design, ports to connect hard drives and other USB device, and pan India service with 800+ service centers across 800+ cities covering 19,500+ pin codes with 1 year warranty.

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