Some Good Games for Your Entertainment

Some Good Games for Your Entertainment

Some Good Games for Your Entertainment

There are plenty of games in the gaming industry that will keep you entertained. But there are some that deserve a recommendation based on how good they are when it comes to the gaming experience. Most gamers go for visually appealing titles. Visuals are important, but the story shouldn’t be neglected. These are games that put the 2 elements together, mix them with some good mechanics and make for excellent titles. Here are several such games you can enjoy:

Fallout New Vegas

The Fallout series may show you the future of humanity after a nuke, but it makes for a great series. New Vegas is one of the titles of this series and it’s one enjoyed by fans. You’ll get to see Vegas in a post-apocalyptic setting and enjoy a damn fine game.

The real Vegas is safe and sound, filled with casinos of all shapes and sizes. The casino industry is mostly online now with sites focusing on a variety of games and customers. All of them offer a variety of payment methods and some of them specialize in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin in the UK, there’s more than one Bitcoin casino available online. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

You’ll get to play some casino games in 5 New Vegas casinos, but the prizes you earn will be used in the game to buy better gear unless the reward is some piece of equipment. If you’re pretty good, then you’ll get some nice armor or a key to one of the suites in these establishments.


The thing about Observer is that it’s set in quite a dark world. This world is governed by the elite of Chiron Corporation and your job as an observer, a detective, is to keep the masses from them. While on a patrol you get a call from your son and since you haven’t heard from him in a while you go out to look for him. Pretty much every human is a cyborg in this one and you can link to their brain to see their thoughts and emotions. That’s the true horror of this amazing sci-fi game. If you don’t mind that, then you’re in for a ride.

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

RPGs are amazing games, and none of them are quite as amazing as the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The entire series made it on this list because it’s too good to pass out on. The series begins with Altair, although if you follow chronology Bayek would be first as Egypt was among the first civilizations. Altair is an Assassin in the Third Crusade and you’ll learn the ropes with him. Then you’ll take on the mantle of Ezio in the second title as well as in the 2 expansions that come after it.

The second game is immensely popular with fans and you’ll see why. If you’re not into that, then you can try Connor or Shay if you’d like to, or go for Eivor and raid the many monasteries of the English coast. This is a grim period in UK history, but it happened. You’ll find some Brits of the time to be friendlier than others and will even cooperate with you to topple corrupt leaders. Besides this, you’ll get to browse the English countryside and set up camps to take the British and Viking people to a new era of coexistence. Moreover, you’ll also be able to climb any building you set your eyes on and battle Viking gods if you wish it.

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