Spheriums on Kickstarter Today


Spheriums on Kickstarter Today

Spheriums on Kickstarter today, is bringing you this fantastic action-adventure game to help Arcos save his homeworld from total extinction!

Braintonik GameStudios just launched their crowdfunding campaign for Spheriums, and is seeking $10,000USD to bring this gorgeous single-player game to a greater audience!
Spheriums is an action-adventure game that blends a series of six dazzling crafted worlds with unique fighting mechanics for exhilarating and challenging combats. Discover the Elders’ secrets in order to save your civilization from extinction. Explore, find secrets, unlock weapons, solve puzzles, upgrade your skills, and encounter over 50 unique creatures during your journey.

A series of contrasting worlds conceived with an emotional palette of colors to entice the player to explore and enjoy the stunning visual atmosphere of the game.
A fighting mechanism that focuses on choosing the right weapons based on the enemy’s vulnerability. A challenging experience as the game and player progresses.
An accessible game that is fun to play for the whole family, as the main concepts are easy to catch. There are some puzzle elements to solve, and the game reveals strange alien creatures and fauna that resemble nothing you have ever seen!

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An ‘early access’ version of Spheriums is already available on Steam, and the final release of the PC, Xbox Series S/X version is planned for the late summer of 2022.
Braintonik GameStudios is a small Indie studio of 2 people working for 18 months on this incredible journey of creating Spheriums. Please help us reach our funding goal by visiting our Kickstarter campaign to see what Spheriums is all about.

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