GameDriver, the Leader in Automation Solutions in Gaming, to Sponsor Gamescom Asia


GameDriver, the Leader in Automation Solutions in Gaming, to Sponsor Gamescom Asia

Today, GameDriver™,  the leader in automation solutions in the gaming, AR, and VR industries, is announcing that they will be sponsoring and attending Gamescom Asia. From October 20 to 23 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. The GameDriver team — including co-founders Shane Evans and Robert Guterrez — will be on hand to exhibit their revolutionary automation software to attendees, demonstrating how GameDriver provides a modern, comprehensive set of tools that significantly reduce QA crunch time and development costs.

Shane Evans and Robert Gutierrez will be available for interviews and demonstrations with interested developers, publishers, and industry professionals looking to learn more about GameDriver. Interested developers, publishers, and other industry professionals can set up a meeting with the GameDriver team by replying to this email.

GameDriver is a comprehensive toolset capable of standardized, reusable, and scalable automated testing for gaming and XR products. It gives time back to testers and development costs back to creators and publishers, resulting in higher quality games and products that are unburdened by bugs and glitches at launch. GameDriver supports a large ecosystem of game engines, test frameworks, and execution platforms, including Unity, NUnit, Jenkins, MSTest, BitBar, Oculus, and more.

GameDriver delivers the following key benefits:

  • Provides rapid feedback for each build and release
  • Ensures a high-quality immersive experience across digital mediums
  • Increases test coverage, consistency, and execution time
  • Reduces dependency on manual testing by up to 85%, allowing testers to make better use of manual testing efforts
  • Controls the cost of ongoing Quality Assurance
  • Reduces time-to-market

GameDriver is available in Free Trial, Base Package, and Professional Package tiers. The company is proud to offer free licenses for educators and start-ups through their Ambassador program, so that they can support the gaming industry and emphasize the importance of testing.



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