Still Not Dead– Roguelite FPS now on Steam

Still Not Dead– Roguelite FPS now on Steam
Still Not Dead– Roguelite FPS now on Steam

Still Not Dead– Roguelite FPS now on Steam

Still Not Dead is essentially DOOM + NUCLEAR THRONE..

.. progress through the 6 stages of hell, outrunning death himself and collecting various weaponry and items to survive. Between stages choose blessings and curses to form your playstyle and adapt to each semi-random run. Survive and unlock new skill skulls to ramp up the challenge in the way you choose. Still Not Dead combines frantic action with tactical choice and unique mechanics not seen anywhere else in the genre. Its fast and easy to jump in and start shredding hordes – with depth and variation that reveals itself the deeper into the experience you go. What are you waiting for? Grab your shotgun, axe, barbwire, and prove that you’re STILL. NOT. DEAD.


  • Super fast n’ slick gunplay and movement
  • 30+ unique weapons and items
  • 40+ blessings and curses that change the game as you play
  • Skill Skulls to unlock and customise the challenge
  • Fully destructible environments, dynamic fire and weather
  • Massive hordes of monsters for endless combat variation
  • ‘Pick up n play’ gameplay that evolves into deep and tactical challenge
  • Hand drawn pixel-art and a tripped out pulse-pounder of a soundtrack
You must play Still Not Dead –the 3D hand drawn pixel-cubed roguelite first person shooter that merges the fast gunplay of Doom with open stages, insane weaponry and tactical choice:
Official trailer:
Originally released on Steam back in January 24, 2018, Still Not Dead is essentially Doom + Nuclear Throne. The game contains 6 stages in which you will have to survive by collecting 30+ weapons and items, discovering skill skulls, and destroying massive hordes of monsters.


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