Turtles, Macropinnas, Jellyfishes, and Much More Coming to subROV: Underwater Discoveries


Turtles, Macropinnas, Jellyfishes, and Much More Coming to subROV: Underwater Discoveries

It’s been just over a week since subROV: Underwater Discoveries launched into Steam Early access and today, developer sqr3lab is pleased to share some of the ocean-tastic updates planned for the future.

One of the main highlights of any dive are the colorful creatures that you can discover! Leagues of new sea-life are coming to subROV, including Beroes, Macropinnas, Luth turtles, and Jellyfish. In addition, variations on existing coral, new wrecks, and improvements to creatures’ behaviors and interactions are in the works, all of which promise to breathe even more life into each expedition.

New activities involving the ROV and external devices are also on the way, including sampling methane seeps and finding and retrieving lost buoys in the water column. Additional interface improvements are being added to dives, including ROV camera orientation indicators, ROV camera zoom, and more information on scannable items.

Sqr3lab is also planning on adding more experimental and complex features including:

  • Retrieving and deploying objects from the ship using a crane.
  • Completely detaching the ROV from the tether to explore freely in short range (caves, wrecks, etc.)
  • Adding a home base with a huge pool to test the ROV and take on timed challenges (inspired by the MATE competition)
  • ROV Damage model

You can keep up to date with all things subROV: Underwater Discoveries by joining the official Discord channel.

In subROV: Underwater Discoveries, players chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, find shipwrecks, study aquatic species ranging from fish to coral, and more! Experienced through the mysterious depths of the ocean, the game blends realism with intuitive controls to create a truly one-of-a-kind approachable sub simulation. With support from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the Schmidt Ocean Institute, and with partial-funding from a National Science Foundation BIO-OCE grant, players will embark on dives based on real oceanographic expeditions, and experience underwater exploration in a way few people have before.

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