Sunrise’s 3D Networking Strategy Delivers High Quality 5G

Sunrise's 3D Networking Strategy Delivers High Quality 5G

Sunrise’s 3D Networking Strategy Delivers High Quality 5G

Sunrise operates one of the most developed and high-performing 5G networks in Europe, overcoming a range of challenges in one of the continent’s more demanding market environments. A new report from Strategy Analytics, “How Sunrise Overcame 5G Network Deployment Challenges”, outlines Sunrise’s ‘3D Networking’ approach which layers in a mix of macro, micro, and pico solutions to deliver a broad, high-capacity network with focused in-fill in indoor and challenging outdoor locations.

Key elements in Sunrise’s 5G network deployment success have been:

  • Base station upgrades to support strong growth in 4G data traffic and add 5G on a tight site footprint, with Sunrise’s preferred solution, Huawei’s Blade AAU, combining 5G 32T32R AAU and 4G antennas into one box and reducing cell site deployment time, cost and complexity.
  • The use of power balancing across its network, combined with the use of small cells to improve cell-edge coverage and provide a supplementary capacity layer in heavy traffic locations, in order to meet Switzerland’s strict EMF regulations.
  • Prioritizing in-building coverage in order to maximize its market opportunity, deploying indoor small cells into retail and leisure venues and the development of 5G “Indoor Coverage as a Service” for enterprises.

Guang Yang, Director, Service Provider Group, notes “Sunrise has deployed an advanced 5G network in Switzerland, using a mix of compact massive MIMO site design and small cells to deliver coverage and capacity while meeting stringent EMF limits. Its focus on the user experience in both outdoor and indoor environments is paying dividends in independent 5G network performance tests.”

Phil Kendall, Executive Director, Service Provider Group, adds “Sunrise operates in a market with some of the most challenging regulations and planning requirements for 5G services, which result in operators often spending 12-18 months to obtain permits for site upgrades and require many sites to run base stations at power levels dramatically below their maximums. Its ‘3D Networking’ approach has successfully overcome these challenges.”

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