Retro-inspired Super Rocket Ride gets a release date!


Retro-inspired Super Rocket Ride gets a release date!

Cosmocat Games is excited to announce that their upcoming retro-inspired action game Super Rocket Ride will be released on Steam Friday, October 16th! The game will also be featured in the upcoming Steam Game Festival from October 7th to 13th. During the festival you’ll be able to check out a playable demo and participate in an AMA (ask me anything) on the Cosmocat Discord server.
About Super Rocket Ride
Super Rocket Ride is a collaboration between Cosmocat and Unruly Games. It is best described as a cross between old school lander games and classic platformers of the SNES era; a simple control scheme, lush pixel art, and challenging levels fraught with obstacles and hazards.
  • Analog controls
  • 32 hand-crafted levels
  • Over-the-top physics-based deaths
  • Contemporary atmospheric soundtrack featuring music from Snug, JFS and Ogotu

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