PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove’s latest update for cosy puzzler Station to Station sees a motherlode of new content ready to be mined

Yeehaw! Saddle up as PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove are thrilled to announce the launch of the Gold Rush update for Station to Station. This rootin’, (horn) tootin’ update takes players on an adventure to the all-new region, Nugget Creek, with new levels, industries and features. 

This broad content update introduces players to five new levels across the new region Nugget Creek, inhabited by majestic bison and imposed with a new obstacle, impenetrable rocks. However, prospectors, don’t be alarmed, a new TNT card has been added allowing players to blast their way through with a satisfying BOOM!  Also presented in this update are four new industries and buildings, the Stable, Corn Farm, Outpost and Gold Mine, ready for players to fill their cargo trains with bullion and make tracks over yonder! 

Other new features: 

  • Stations now visually change based on how many freight and passenger connections they have, to mirror the bustling activity around them 
  • Two new industry types are available for Custom Game mode:
    • Mining & Farming 
    • Mining & Wood 
  • Levels 4 & 5 in Greendale have been completely reconstructed to include more variation, and to introduce cards earlier 
  • 7 new achievements to hoot and holler about!

The NYX awards ceremony was also a gold rush for Station to Station, raking in three gold awards in the Puzzler, Indie and Best Visual Art categories, and a silver award in the Best Music category.

About Station to Station Station to Station invites aspiring conductors into an attractive voxel art world to foster growth and expansion by placing stations and creating connections. With each connection comes a transformation, turning rural environments into bright, industrious worlds full of life and colour.  Unwind and embark on a leisurely train ride through 7 meticulously crafted regions, each filled with unique flora and fauna, from dry desert sands to untamed mountain terrain, all while juggling the demands of train logistics. For those engineers who love more of a train-teaser, each level offers puzzle elements with optional challenges, stack bonuses and unique mechanics throughout the regions. Stack up your cargo, and prepare for a colourful and cosy ride!
Station to Station is available now for PC via Steam, with a 20% discount from 6PM GMT / 7PM CET today. 

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