Tame and Train Alien Wildlife with Stranded: Alien Dawn’s Latest Early Access Update

Tame and Train Alien Wildlife with Stranded: Alien Dawn’s Latest Early Access Update

From today, Stranded: Alien Dawn players can unlock the ability to tame, train, and breed animals as part of a brand new update arriving for all early access players. The new mechanics arrive alongside three species of dog; the Great Dane, Boxer, and Weimaraner.

Taming and training the many animals that roam around crash sites will allow aspiring survival strategists to take their base to the next level, with additional resources, the ability to train wildlife in combat, and happiness and relaxation boosts for survivors.

In addition to animal taming, players can also introduce a new survivor, Hugo Delano, to their group, whose experience as a former zookeeper and adept farming skills make him an excellent choice for any flourishing base.

With further exciting updates to come, Stranded: Alien Dawn is available in early access now on PC via Steam for a suggested retail price of £24.99/$29.99/€29.99.

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For full details of the update, visit here.

Just below you will find a handy ‘What’s New’ fact sheet, and if you haven’t played the early access yet, we’d be happy to supply you with a Steam PC base game code so that you can throw yourself into this incredible planet survival sim – please just reply to this email if this interests you.


What’s new in Stranded: Alien Dawn? – in Early Access Now

Gripping planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn has just received its second major early access update, bringing players a range of new features and mechanics that allow them to tame and train alien wildlife. As players work with their marooned crew to overcome their harsh new environment and create a thriving base, they can now harness the vibrant array animals that roam nearby to advance their strategy. Here’s what survivors can get to grips with thanks to the Tame and Train update:

Animal Taming

Players can now enjoy a new way to interact with the fauna of Stranded: Alien Dawn thanks to taming mechanics. Beware, more aggressive species will need pacifying to tame safely. Survivors will even be able to bond with animals, receiving happiness and relaxation boosts.

Animal Management

Once tamed, survivors will be able to train their animals, and can even fight alongside them. Survivors will need to care for and manage their animals, providing sleeping spots, heal them if they become sick or injured, and much more. Ensuring they’re happy and full is essential. Animals will also grow and reproduce, as well as providing additional resources for survivors – their manure can even be used as crop fertilizer!


That’s right; three new species of dog can be found, including the Great Dane, Boxer and Weimaraner. Just like the alien wildlife, dogs can be tamed and trained, with survivors benefiting from the presence of man’s best friend.

A New Survivor

Hugo Delano’s eventful past as a zookeeper makes him the perfect addition to any group looking to tame and train animals, while his farming skills may also come in handy for food production.

Five New Steam Achievements              

Alongside the new content, players can unlock additional ways to prove their survival prowess.

And More!

As well as exciting features and mechanics, the update brings a range of enhancements to provide an even better early access experience. 

With further thrilling updates to come in the coming months, Stranded: Alien Dawn is available to play in early access on PC via Steam now for £24.99/$29.99/€29.99.

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