TERA players can now conduct transactions in reais via UOL BoaCompra

TERA players can now conduct transactions in reais via UOL BoaCompra
TERA players can now conduct transactions in reais via UOL BoaCompra

TERA players can now conduct transactions in reais via UOL BoaCompra

Brazilian gamers who adventure through the fantasy worlds of TERA’s Action MMO have reason to celebrate. UOL BoaCompra, the leading company in digital payments in the gaming segment in Latin America, closed on a partnership with the North American publisher En Masse Entertainment, making it easier for gamers to acquire exclusive items from the TERA Store using reals.

Players can now use all of BoaCompras’s payment methods, including any brand of national credit cards, bank payment slips, online deposits with the country’s principal banks, online payments via PagSeguro, and the virtual card, Go4gold.

TERA is a massively-multiplayer online game that is completely free to play, with an in-game store offering a variety of items, including costumes, accessories, land-based and flying mounts, experience multipliers, and much more. To play, just register on the official site at http://tera.enmasse.com/ and download the game.

Set in an action-packed fantasy world, TERA stands out because of its real-time combat system. Players can attack any enemy by targeting with the mouse, just like in third-person action games, allowing more flexibility, control, and attack combinations.

Upon entering the game, players choose between seven different races of characters to control, which may have their skills improved according to twelve different classes, such as archer, ninja, or warrior. Customization of characters, with hundreds of accessories, arms, and clothing to choose from, makes it virtually impossible to find two identical characters in TERA.

The world is also vast, and rendered in beautiful graphics. Players travel throughout four continents and more than 80 zones exploring, undertaking vital missions, and battling against the wide variety of unique and challenging monsters that inhabit each area—ensuring that developing a character never turns into a grind.

About UOL BoaCompra

UOL BoaCompra is an online payment company specializing in electronic games and cross-border digital services. The leader in the games segment in Brazil, it has clients of global renown such as Valve Corporation, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Oasis Games, Smilegate, and Bigpoint. Its strong presence in Latin America, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey allows it to offer more than 150 payment methods in local currency to its platform users. It also has a virtual card, Go4Gold, created especially for transactions in games (https://go4gold.uol.com.br). UOL BoaCompra also contributes to the professional development of e-Sports through the independent link XLG UOL (http://xlg.uol.com.br). For more information go to: https://boacompra.com


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