Terraforming Earth Leaves Early Access on Steam Today


Roguelike puzzle platformer

Independent game development studio Lost Robots release the full version of Terraforming Earth on Steam today.

Terraforming Earth is an innovative roguelike puzzle platformer set in a future where humankind is extinct. Control three robots with different abilities, combine their skills, and get through procedurally generated levels.

Puzzle games teach you many new skills but they are finite, and you finish them, and then you can’t use those skills anymore. Lost Robots invented a puzzle designer AI which creates fresh levels for every run; you can use your problem-solving skills for as long as you like. 

Since Terraforming Earth was launched in Early Access back in January, Lost Robots released three DLCs: Drone Danger, Environment and Turret Trouble, adding new enemies and puzzles.


  • AI-generated levels (incl. boss fights)
  • Level curation
  • $100 Bounty for first unsolvable level
  • A simple yet hard resource management meta-game
  • Single-player and Co-op
  • Full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and AI-risk
  • Procedurally generated music

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