Stanley Parable narrator joins The Captain is Dead!


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Viewers of last weekend’s Future Games Show were lucky enough to have their minds blown by the first official trailer for Thunderbox Entertainment’s irreverent, new, digital board game: the sci-fi strategy adventure known throughout the galaxy as… The Captain is Dead.  

Channelling the vibe of a highly-informative board game PSA, the video featured moustaches, robots, synthesizers, ZX Spectrums, mullets and laser beams: all the classic hallmarks of a quality trailer! There may also be some moderately entertaining gameplay footage in there somewhere…

 Now then…  A few eagle-eared viewers have already recognised the dulcet tones of the trailer’s voice-over as belonging to none other than Mr. Kevan Brighting, an actor much-loved in gaming circles for his spine-tingling work as the mysterious narrator from amazing, indie weird-em-up, The Stanley Parable.

Thunderbox have confirmed that Kevan will indeed be lending his mellifluous vocals to The Captain is Dead in the role of a brand-new character, created exclusively for the digital edition of the game. Details on this new character remain sparse… all we know is that he’s best described as a cross between your least favourite uncle, Ming the Merciless, and Q from Star Trek The Next Generation.  It’s OK though: he’s one of the good guys…

…or is he?

The only way to find out for sure is to head on over to Steam and download the free demo!

But don’t procrastinate… The demo will turn into an unplayable pumpkin when the Steam Summer Games Festival draws to a close next Tuesday.
And of course, as part of the aforementioned festival, there will be exclusive livestreams and developer AMAs for all those budding space captains who are itching to find out more!

More about The Captain is Dead
It’s the last 10 minutes of your favorite sci-fi TV show… except that this time things have gone seriously wrong and The Captain Is Dead! This turn-based, survival/strategy, based on the board game of the same name, puts you in the Captain’s chair as you try to save your crew from being blown to bits by aliens. The Captain is Dead will be beaming down to PC, Mac, iOS, Android and ZX Spectrum later this year! 

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