The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo’s madness, very close to infecting all of us.


The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo’s madness, very close to infecting all of us.

We have talked about him over and over again. He has won awards at the Tenerife GG festival. You’ve seen videos, making off and even a beautiful flip book. But what we are sure you were waiting for, a release date for The Many Pieces of Mr Coo, the game by Nacho Rodriguez developed by Gammera Nest, is closer than ever. An agreement with Meridiem Games will bring the digital edition of this delirious adventure to stores very, very soon, for now, you can add it to your Steam and PlayStation Store wishlist.

If you still don’t know what The Many Pieces of Mr Coo is and why we are so excited to talk about it, let us explain: we are talking about a lifetime point & click, based on the traditional cartoon, with a good amount of stop motion designed by hand, on real scenarios that have been transferred to the screen thanks to the skill of Nacho Rodriguez with his pencils.
The plot is replete with mesmerizing events and eye-popping adventures, underscored by a hypnotic soundtrack. And the mastery of slapstick comedy awakens more than one laugh from the players. 
The player must follow the charismatic Mr. Coo through a surreal, disturbing, colorful, baroque world, and solve the riddles and find… I’d better not tell you about that. To do this, the character interacts in many ways, and in a totally unexpected way, adapting to the setting, the object and the situation.

A work of art, from any point of view: from the graphic, the narrative or the gameplay. Very soon it will be in your hands, if they stay on the end of your wrists.
Nacho Rodríguez (Oviedo, 1980) has been working for twenty years on traditional 2D animation. He has worked in short films, advertising and videogames. He was the animation director of the Ubisoft videogame Ozen, in France. Directed eight music videos, collaborating with several international illustrators. Has won numerous awards, including a Goya nomination, thanks to animations such as Mr. Coo, A lifestory or A paedophile.

Featured Content:

  • Five awards at Tenerife GG.
  • A point & click gameplay, fluid, simple and addictive.
  • A really amazing 2D art direction.
  • A narrative universe where anything can happen.
  • A magnificent soundtrack.
  • Many reasons to laugh out loud.

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