Bellular Studios and Fellow Traveller announce the narrative polar exploration game The Pale Beyond


Lead your crew on a perilous adventure, where your choices become the difference between life and death

Today game studio Bellular Studios and indie publisher Fellow Traveller announced the upcoming narrative title, The Pale Beyond.

An adventure-survival centred around the moral ambiguity of leadership, The Pale Beyond follows the journey of a crew on a dangerous expedition across an inhospitable frozen wasteland. The debut title of the newly-formed Bellular Studios, founded by the popular YouTuber Michael Bell (BellularGaming) and Creative Director Thomas Hislop, The Pale Beyond will also be funded by Northern Ireland Screen and The Treasure Hunters FanClub, and is set for release on PC in 2022.

When a ship recently sent on a dangerous polar expedition fails to return, a crew is assembled for a perilous rescue mission aboard its sister ship, The Temperance. When the ship gets stuck in the ice soon after the mission begins, the Captain mysteriously disappears, forcing players to fill the role upon the crew’s vote. With the lives of 24 crew mates (36, if you count the sled dogs) on the line, dangerous dilemmas and impossible choices make the difference between survival and succumbing to The Pale Beyond.
Inspired by real-life expeditions of the early 20th century, The Pale Beyond is a text-based narrative game, involving interactions with crew mates characterised by in-depth backstories. As Captain, players must navigate complex relationships with the crew and manage scarce resources to keep everyone alive. With every action straddling the line between compassion and survival, no decision is without consequence.   The reveal trailer features original accordion music from Jackson Parodi, and the voice talent of Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Star Wars: Rogue One) and unveiling warnings about responsibilities and difficult choices from the Captain before his disappearance. 

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