The Pirate Queen Unveils a New Behind the Scenes Interview During the Future Games Show


As part of the Future Games Show at gamescom, Singer Studios is proud to release a new behind the scenes interview with Lucy Liu and Eloise Singer, the Executive Producers behind the upcoming VR adventure, The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend

In this clip, Lucy Liu and Eloise Singer discuss the fascinating true story of the eponymous pirate queen, Cheng Shih. Though born into poverty, Shih eventually became the most powerful pirate in history, commanding a fleet of some 70,000 across the South China Sea in the early 19th century. The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend tells the remarkable, female empowerment-driven story of Cheng Shih’s life.
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Curious to learn more? Head over to The Pirate Queen’s website clicking HERE.
THE PIRATE QUEEN SYNOPSISThe Pirate Queen tells the story of Cheng Shih, the widow of Cheng Yat, leader of the Red Flag pirate fleet who dominated the South China Sea in the 1800s. When Cheng Yat dies, the Red Flag Fleet is plunged into turmoil as Kwok Po Dai, leader of rival Black Flag pirate fleet, threatens to take over as successor.  Players take on the identity of Cheng Shih to navigate the treacherous waters and cabins of a moonlit pirate ship, break out of locked rooms, crack complex codes, creep through winding passages and exercise their wit to seize control of the fleet – all to become one of the most revered and feared Pirates in history: The Pirate Queen. Cheng Shih is helped along the way with clues from her second in command, Cheung Po Tsai, to outsmart enemies and ultimately be crowned the Pirate Queen.ABOUT SINGER STUDIOSSinger Studios is a female-led UK-based production company and creative studio that specialises in a new frontier of entertainment. Led by award-winning filmmaker Eloise Singer, Singer Studios uses the power of storytelling to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and spark change. Across film, tv, podcast and interactive media, we tell the best untold stories through cinematic narratives and captivate global audiences with fresh perspectives.Our work has shown at festivals around the world including Venice, London, SXSW, Raindance and Sundance: London. The Pirate Queen game is part of an expansive franchise, currently being developed as a graphic novel, podcast and TV series with Beijing, China’s Seesaw Films (The Farewell).

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