The smallest and smartest AC & heat pump controller – Ambi Climate Mini Launch


The smallest and smartest AC & heat pump controller  – Ambi Climate Mini Launch

With a compact, elegant design and impressive smart home features, the new, third-generation Ambi Climate Mini has officially launched on October 29 for immediate release.

Already a leader in smart AC & heat pump control, the latest Ambi product invites users to level up their home by ensuring temperature control is easier than ever. Ambi Climate Mini is a small and smart control unit for air conditioners and heat pumps. Its best-in-class features include free app control, GPS tracking, in-built sensors and voice control integrations to always tailor the indoor climate to the user’s individual needs. It can even limit energy waste by up to 30%*. 

Ambi Climate Mini has a minimalist style to easily blend into any modern home. Also hidden behind its stylish exterior is intelligent AI technology that can learn and adapt to user feedback, acting as a personal comfort assistant.

Ambi Climate Mini – product video

Best-in-class smart features

Using its free companion app, Ambi Climate, the smart controller acts as a remote control for the home’s air conditioner or heat pump. This allows users to adjust and monitor the indoor climate, anytime and anywhere, even from a distance. This presents the advantage of never again arriving at an ice cold or hot stuffy home – just adjust the temperature before arriving. Ambi Climate Mini can also be controlled hands-free via voice assistants, including Google, Alexa and Siri. In addition, the app’s easy scheduling features allow users to name and set timers that follow their daily routines.

Limit energy waste

By only cooling and heating as needed, the Ambi Climate Mini controls the AC & heat pump as efficiently as possible and can potentially reduce energy consumption from household temperature control by up to 30%*. For example, the built-in sensors will turn on, adjust or turn off the AC & heat pump when weather conditions change outside or according to users’ schematic control. Ambi Climate Mini can also turn the AC & heat pump off when the last person leaves the house. Using the phone’s location, it can enable the preferred settings as users come and go. This helps users save time, money and energy so they can concentrate on what matters most to them. More efficient energy use also has the eco-friendly advantage of protecting the climate and the planet from unnecessary waste.

Personal profile for optimal comfort

As an additional optional subscription feature, Ambi Climate Mini can also create a personal profile for one – or more – of the household users. By continuously getting to know each user’s preferences as to e.g. humidity and temperature, based on feedback, the smart AI technology makes sure to adapt the personal profile to the individual user’s needs. The built-in sensors in the Ambi Climate Mini combine indoor data withlive information from weather services. In this way, the AI-generated Comfort AI Assistant function takes into account both the current indoor climate and external ever-changing factors. The unit adjusts automatically so that users always get their preferred indoor climate. By maintaining ideal conditions, users not only enjoy better comfort for themselves, their family and friends, but they protect everything else that’s important too, including pets, plants, furnishings and prized collections like vinyl and wine!

Easy setup

Ambi Climate Mini is a smart addition to any home’s cooling or heating system and works with most remote-controlled air conditioners or heat pumps. It does not require any professional installation; it is just plug and play. Mount it on the wall or place it on the bedside table – this little helper is the smallest control unit available and will fit anywhere in any home. 

Ambi Climate Mini can be pre-ordered from October 29th until November 1st through the official Ambi Climate website. After November 1st it can be purchased through the official website and selected retailers.

As a special launch offer the Ambi Climate Mini comes with free access to the Comfort AI Assistant for a limited time period. Read more at

Pricing: Retail price is US$129.99, but for a limited time there is a launch offer of $109.99 when purchasing through the official Ambi Climate website.

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