Play the world’s first run and gun and EAT and then grab a friend for ax-throwing volleys.

With the Steam Game Festival around the corner, indie developer Mega Cat Studios is kicking off the celebration early with exclusive game demos and Discord-focused events for Bite the Bullet and for Log Jammers. Bite the Bullet is the studio’s long-awaited run and gun and eat, a reimagining of the Metal Slug formula that incorporates roguelite elements, expansive skill trees, and stomach-based weapon crafting. Log Jammers, originally released as a new NES title, is a lightning-fast lumber-themed party game where players volley axes back and forth to score goals or to eliminate opposing cheerleaders.

Both of these games were scheduled for significant convention time in 2020, but with those events shuttered for now, Mega Cat is looking to capture the energy of gaming communities online.

“Losing so many face-to-face event opportunities with players has been hard for us,” James Deighan, Mega Cat Studios founder, says. “Gaming conventions aren’t just about promoting your game. They’re about making real connections with players and gathering one-of-a-kind feedback on your project. It’s exciting to see Steam step in to help fill that void, and we hope to build on that with more virtual player gatherings on Discord.”

That means in addition to playable demos in the Steam Game Festival, Mega Cat is teeing up coordinated events around co-op runs of Bite the Bullet, competitive matches in Log Jammers, and community free-for-alls with other multiplayer titles and trivia games.

It won’t be the same as being on the floor at an event like PAX, but Mega Cat hopes it will help bring gamers together.

“One of the magical parts of going to a convention is going booth to booth to try a bunch of games and ending up standing next to a complete stranger,” Deighan says. “But you’re playing the same game and sharing that new world and new gameplay, and suddenly you are swapping Discord handles and meeting up later in the free play area for a one-shot DnD session.
“With the Steam Game Festival and tools like Discord, maybe we can still enjoy some of that magic,” Deighan says.

To learn more about Bite the Bullet, Log Jammers, or the schedule of Mega Cat Discord events, tune into the Steam Game Festival and visit

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