Top 5 online gaming platforms from 2019


Top 5 online gaming platforms from 2019

The gaming industry in India is at boom and all set to grow with modern technologies like artificial intelligence which is bound to revolutionize the gaming experience. The increasing use of the internet at a minimal price also proves to be the major reason for the growing popularity of online games in India. People are adopting this unrivaled source of entertainment to spend some quality time, ease stress, and improve their problem-solving skills.

A recent report by KPMG has come up with some interesting findings in various aspects.

  • Online gaming is on the rise in India with revenues expected to spike at 22% CAGR from FY19-FY23. Thus, it is expected that the online gaming industry would generate a revenue of INR. 11,900 Cr by the financial year 2023.
  • The market share of 85%, mobile phones are recorded as the major contributor to online gaming revenue in India.
  • The report further depicts that there is a hike in a number of gamers and game developing companies in the country as well. The number of game development companies in India today stands around 275 which was merely 25 in 2010. This number is itself evidence for the significant growth and possibilities of the gaming industry in India.

There are hundreds of gaming platforms available online where players can enjoy their favorite games anytime, they want. PUBG Mobile beats PUBG PC and all other online games in India as it has been found that it is being played by 73.4% audience. Apart from that Call of Duty – Mobile, Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Ballebazzi, Pocket 52, 9stacks also joins the list.

Following is the list of top 10 poker games in India of 2019: –
1- 9stacks : India’s fastest growing online poker platform with over 1 lakh subscribers choosing to play real money poker on the county’s safest, 100% legal online poker App and website. Fully compliant with all government rules and regulations, 9stacks offers a special sign up bonus to every new player wants to get on the platform and use their skills to play cash games and online poker tournaments to win real money, every day.

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2- Pocket 52 : India’s first cryptographically secure RNG+ online poker network. A domestic shared omnichannel network for online poker platforms in India, running its own online poker rooms as well as providing its standalone poker software to other parties to run their poker website on a network platform where the traffic is pooled.   
Pocket52 a tech-savvy Poker platform, designed to create an excellent poker gaming experience and is equipped to nurture the dream of players who aspire to be professionals in poker.  

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3- Sixnwicket : India’s First of its kind 3D cricket gaming app. They are revalorizing the way online games are played and rewarded. It is joint venture of Swarna Games pvt ltd and is aimed at enticing the new generation of gamers. What sets this gaming app apart from all its competitors is the thrill of 3D and the real cashrewards one can win. Both the app and website is easy to use and have provide sign in bonus to the

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4- PokerDangal : Serving as a platform ‘Where Skills Meet Fortune’, PokerDangal is an India based online Poker platform which has embarked on the journey of redefining Poker game in India. Being one the largest Poker sites in India, PokerDangal is a flagship product of Xeta Networks Pvt Ltd. It works on the objective of developing online gaming industry in India by offering a safe, reliable and fun ecosystem along with a completely hassle free gaming environment. PokerDangal is equipped with all required technology certifications and adopts the best of security measures to provide its players with a totally secure payment gateway with multiple options for deposits. With reliability and availability of exciting features, PokerDangal is certainly one of the choices for Poker enthusiasts in India ensuring the best gaming experience for them.

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5- : Founded in 2018, Ballebaazi has a singular mission: to create ‘The Best Fantasy Sports Experience’ in the field of Cricket. Yuvraj Singh being the Brand Ambassador ofBallebaazi, it is redefining Fantasy Sports in pursuit of making sports more exciting. Ballebaazi’s app is designed specially for their customers keeping in mind the love and passion our nation shares for the game. Ballebaazi offers a multitude of playing options ( Champion, Grinder, Practice contest) in Classic Leagues. Their shorter formats (Batting & Bowling fantasy) gives customers an extra edge to boost their experience and enjoy the game. With #Playerfirst as their guiding principle, they give their users a smooth, fun & credible gaming experience.

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