Touch Type Tale Open Beta and “KeySports” Trailer Out Now


Type Together and Experience the Thrill of Competitive Keybashing!

Today, Publisher Epic Games and developer Pumpernickel Studio are throwing open the proverbial gates to the masses as fans are welcomed once more to test their tip-tapping talents in the latest open beta for Touch Type Tale, available to download now on the Epic Games Store

This time around, multiplayer is on the menu! Will the fastest typists dominate, or is your strategic nous more important than sheer WPM? There’s only one way to find out, and to get the excitement building, we’re excited to share our new “KeySports” trailer, highlighting all the thrills and spills you can expect in the beta: 

Coming exclusively to PC via the Epic Games Store in early 2023, Touch Type Tale is a real-time strategy game with a typing twist. A young hero named Paul discovers that the power to command armies and beat back invaders is literally at his fingertips. Players help Paul tap into the power of typing, using their nimble digits to strategically place and lead warriors in battle, mine for resources, and tend to farmlands. 

Winner of Develop: Brighton’s Indie Showcase in 2019, Touch Type Tale features a robust single-player campaign, and players can hunt and peck at their peril in competitive battles or in a race to claim the top spot on the leadreboards lesrderboar leaderboards. 

Wishlist Touch Type Tale on Epic Games Store.

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