Even though we are coming to the end of one of the busiest release windows ever, there are still some gems coming that you may have missed…

Following critical acclaim for its PC launch, Jagged Alliance 3 has just arrived for console gamers looking to scratch that turn-based tactical combat itch. Also on the horizon is survival RTS Last Train Home set during the Great War, and a fresh steampunk take on the Robin Hood mythology in co-op multiplayer Gangs of Sherwood.

Last Train Home – THQ Nordic

The Great War is over – the fight continues. Command a legion of soldiers, desperately trying to make their way home amidst the chaos of civil war. Lead your soldiers through the unforgiving wilderness onboard an armored train. Manage your crew and resources and try to survive.

This survival RTS is set during World War War, and is inspired by real events of the Czechoslovak Legion trapped in the chaos of civil war in the heart of Russia. Aboard an armored train, you must venture into the unforgiving landscape of Siberia and safely bring your soldiers back home. 

Gangs of Sherwood – Nacon Fight the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham and lead the rebellion, solo or in co-op with up to 4 players. Play as one of the Merry Men, combine your attacks, and free the people in this futuristic dystopia inspired by the legend of Robin Hood.

Every character has their own gameplay styles as well as a wide range of unique and customizable abilities. As you progress, you unlock new combos and fragments, which allow you to pull off increasingly powerful and spectacular combos. Although Gangs of Sherwood can be played solo from start to finish, it has been primarily designed as a co-op multiplayer experience for up to four players. Tailor your heroes to suit your fighting style and take into account your team-mates’ strengths, so you can create devastating synergies and triumph over the Sheriff of Nottingham’s armies!
Jagged Alliance 3 – THQ Nordic

In case you missed it, it’s time to check out what all the PC players have been raving about  – as Jagged Alliance 3 has now launched on consoles! 

The country of Grand Chien is thrown into chaos when the elected president goes missing and the paramilitary force known as “the Legion” seizes control. Hire mercs, meet interesting characters, and fight in tactically deep turn-based combat in this true successor to a beloved franchise.

“It’s hard to stop playing this game. Finally the day has come, when I can say that about Jagged Alliance 3.” said Riot Pixels and gave Jagged Alliance 3 a whopping 95/100.

“Finally, I’ve found the type of one-more-turn game I’ve been looking for.” wrote Hooked Gamers in their 95/100 review.

“Overall, Jagged Alliance 3 is an impressive and endlessly entertaining production that not only revives an old series but does it justice in a more modern style.” RPG Fan, 94/100

“A must-play turn-based tactics combat simulator” Impulse Gamer, 92/100

“Jagged Alliance 3 is a smartly-built, action-packed throwback tactical extravaganza that I enjoyed the whole way through.”, 9/10

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