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True Gamers Secures $45M Investment, Plans to Open 150+ Clubs in Saudi Arabia

True Gamers Secures $45M Investment, Plans to Open 150+ Clubs in Saudi Arabia

True Gamers, a leading international network of eSports lounges, announced a landmark master franchise deal with Nawaf Albishri, with a total investment of more than $45M in eSports infrastructure. This investment aims to develop over 150 True Gamers clubs across Saudi Arabia, allowing thousands of players to enjoy the gaming experience. Nawaf Albishri is the CEO of medical centers Thanaya and Quality, the CEO of Falak, a venture investment firm, and is the chair holder in Albishiri Hospital. The company’s innovative concept is set to capitalize on the Saudi gaming market, which is expected to reach nearly $2.8 billion by 2026, boasting a significant gamer population, with approximately 21 million gamers, accounting for about 58% of the total population. 

Details of Master Franchise Deal

Nawaf Albishri is opening the True Gamers office in Saudi Arabia and is set to open the first showroom-style club in Jeddah within the next six months. Furthermore, the True Gamers franchise will be available to other players in the market who wish to join the business and collectively contribute to the development of the eSports industry in the Kingdom. The company will provide comprehensive support to the master franchisee, forming offline (via representative meetings) and online (through training platforms that cover commercial and technical documentation, required equipment usage, employee training, marketing tools, and a brand book) resources to ensure the successful launch and operation of the True Gamers brand in Saudi Arabia.

Nawaf Albishri also expressed enthusiasm for bringing True Gamers’ innovative concept to Saudi Arabia. “True Gamers’ unique blend of entertainment, technology, and eSports tournaments resonates perfectly with the Saudi gaming community. I am committed to bringing this concept to life across the Kingdom,” he said. 

True Gamers Clubs: innovations, robot dogs, and eSport tournaments 

True Gamers is committed to democratizing eSports and making it accessible to a broader audience in Saudi Arabia and beyond. The company’s unique blend of entertainment, technology, and eSports tournaments resonates perfectly with the Saudi gaming community. 

Besides computers, True Gamers’ unique offerings include robot dogs serving as waiters, managing the availability of items, and can even take tips, and hosting eSports tournaments for casual players, which have garnered significant attention in the region. The franchise agreement provides Nawaf Albishri full competency to utilize these distinctive features and expand True Gamers’ presence across Saudi Arabia. 

True Gamers Clubs has established a competitive ground with its innovative approach to the industry. In particular, they have introduced futuristic mobile interiors featuring “ The Matrix” and metaverse topics that showcase high-end design and create a fully immersive experience for professional cybersport players and amateur enthusiasts. 

In True Gamers, you can find an array of perks — from areas of car simulators and open spaces with Playstation to VIP room capsules. The collection of games includes over 120 titles, such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Dota 2, among others.

Recently, True Gamers started hosting eSports tournaments for casual gamers between their clubs, with more than 1500 players participating in the tournaments between top Dubai clubs – from Blue Waters to Dubai Mall. Shortly, we could see the competition between the Emirates, the UAE, and Saudi Arabian countries. Such a level of competency shows people how the eSports industry works in real life. 

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a program that is aimed at the development of the Kingdom to become a leader in a thriving economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed with grand projects in the fields of education and development, True Gamers aims to establish itself as a leading force in the Kingdom’s entertainment and leisure landscape.

“The expansion into Saudi Arabia will elevate True Gamers’ global presence and play a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the Kingdom’s eSports industry. We at True Gamers value cybersport enthusiasts, and we are honored to bring new opportunities for such people in the Kingdom and develop the gaming culture to the next level. By providing unparalleled gaming experiences and hosting premier eSports tournaments, True Gamers will attract new players, raise the profile of eSports, and foster a vibrant gaming community within Saudi Arabia,” said Vlad Belyanin, CPO and co-founder of True Gamers.

“The master franchise agreement with Nawaf Albishri represents a significant step towards popularising cybersports, as True Gamers aims to democratize eSports and make it accessible to a broader audience in Saudi Arabia and beyond,” noted Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder at True Gamers. 

About True Gamers

True Gamers is a global network of next-gen eSports spaces. Since its inception in 2019, the network has grown to 124 eSports lounges in the UAE and Eastern Europe. With a turnover of $11.3 million for 2022 and a monthly client base of 300 thousand, the company has raised $13.5 million for MENA expansion, opening 9 eSports lounges in Dubai’s prime locations.

For more information, visit https://truegamers.ae/ 

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