Valthirian Arc Hero School Story 2 Launches On June 22nd

PQube, developer Agate, and Ripples Asia, publisher for Asia (excluding Japan) are pleased to announce that Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam as a full release on June 22nd, 2023! The highly anticipated sequel to the popular RPG Simulation blend Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story will be available to players worldwide, promising an exciting new adventure that will immerse players in a world of fantasy, dragons, and epic battles. A TWISTING STORY SPANNING OVER TEN YEARS: Uncover the shocking truth behind the awakening of an ancient dragon that wreaks havoc amongst the fractured world of Valthiria.   YOU’RE IN CONTROL CREATE & MANAGE YOUR OWN HERO SCHOOL: Construct buildings, manage funds and create a learning environment fit for future heroes. CURATE A CURRICULUM FOR A DYNAMIC ROSTER OF STUDENTS: Allocate your student’s time across multiple different classes and shape them into the heroes you need. Your leadership in the classroom will influence how students behave and perform on quests! PLAN, FORECAST, EXECUTE, REPEAT IN STRATEGIC TURN-BASED COMBAT: Carefully select your party on every quest and take your students out for in-field experience as you fight Valthiria’s fiercest monsters in meticulous turn-based-combat. TAKE PART IN ENGAGING MINI GAMES: Take part in swimming, fishing, eating and snowman-building competition throughout the academic year
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NURTURE THE FUTURE OF VALTHIRIA AS THE ACADEMY’S HEAD Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 follows the narrative of an ancient dragon that awakens from its slumber and causes chaos in the world of Valthiria. Players will take on the role of an academy headmaster, tasked with the challenging mission of reviving a disgraced academy and uniting the conflicting kingdoms of Valthiria to fight against the dragon’s threat. CONSTRUCT & LEAD VALTHIRIA’S LEADING ACADEMY FOR RPG HEROS Forge an environment that fosters growth, unleashes hidden talents, and pushes your students to reach their potential. From state-of-the-art training facilities to enchanting libraries, the power is in your hands to construct a campus that breathes inspiration and excitement. Build from the ground up and make something spectacular.
CURATE A CURRICULUM FOR YOUR STUDENTS Take into account your students potential whether this is strength, magic, divine ability or an affinity for arcwork. Manage their time and empower them to become righteous protectors of Valthiria. Your guidance will impact their ability to perform quests. So take your time and make decisions wisely!
Train your students and prepare for heart-pounding, strategic turn-based combat! Select wisely from your roster of exceptional scholars, each possessing unique abilities and skills and keep the peace by taking on the monsters and beasts that threaten lands of Valthiria.
It is your responsibility to keep the peace in Valthiria. Engage with the surrounding citizens and develop positive relationships by sending your students on quests and internships.
When you’re ready to take a break from quests and adventure. Valthirian Arc Hero School Story 2 has a whole host of exciting mini games. Join in the friendly contests of swimming, fishing, feasting, and snowman building a make cherished memories with your students throughout the changing seasons!
PRE-ORDER PHYSICAL EDITIONS NOW! Secure your physical version of ‘Valthirian Arc Hero School Story 2’ for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch right now! Worldwide pre-orders are live, visit the link below to purchase your copy!
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