Vambrace: Cold Soul Now Releasing This May

Vambrace: Cold Soul Now Releasing This May
Vambrace: Cold Soul Now Releasing This May

Vambrace: Cold Soul Now Releasing This May

Headup Games today announced a new release date for their upcoming roguelike RPG adventure Vambrace: Cold Soul, which will now release May 28th on PC. In Vambrace players are tasked with exploring the cursed city of Icenaire. Assembling teams and outfitting them for dangerous expeditions is a core aspect of the gameplay.

Early concept of Charlotte Loreley 

The game was recently showcased at GDC and PAX East. Its unique blend of narrative driven gameplay and punishing dungeon crawling missions garnered critical praise and heightened fan anticipation at the events. The team was originally aiming for an April release, but decided to spend some additional time fine-tuning the title following feedback gathered at the showings. Devespresso Games and Headup remains invested in delivering the best immersive experiences to players. As such, the team is focused on providing as much of a bug-free experience as possible.

Early concept of the protagonist Evelia Lyrik

The teams are also proud of the impressions the game has made so far and is excited to share the adventures of Evelia Lyric and her companions through the icy, gothic-fantasy realm of Icenaire. Stay tuned for more information about Vambrace: Cold Soul!

The release dates for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One are still set to Q3 2019.

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