Modiphius Announces More Partnered Independent Creator Titles to be Co-published Through “VIA MODIPHIUS” Program


Five Leagues from the Borderlands, Battlespace, Index Card RPG Master Edition, and Viking Death Squad to be distributed through Modiphius Entertainment’s partnership program for independent creators

Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce that two new titles will be distributed through the publisher’s VIA MODIPHIUS co-publishing partnership program, which gives independent creators access to Modiphius’ extensive retail and digital distribution network, along with support through the company’s social media and PR channels.  Fantasy adventure wargame Five Leagues from the Borderlands and modern warfare-themed Battlespace are the newest titles to receive support from the program and join popular tabletop RPGs and wargames including Index Card RPG Master Edition,Viking Death Squad, Five Parsecs from Home, and Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Designed by Robert Salters, Battlespace is an ultra-modern military tabletop solo game that is designed to be easy to learn and quick to play. A player starts by selecting soldiers to form a fireteam that will enter a combat zone to achieve their mission’s objectives. A fireteam can go into the fight with just their basic kit, or they can be outfitted with additional gear to make them more useful for specific missions.

Once fireteams hit the battlefield, the challenge really begins as enemy AI takes all of the guesswork out of movement and positioning, creating fluid, and deadly, situations. Each enemy force offers up a different challenge as every enemy element possesses unique tactics and abilities.

In the RPG-lite adventure wargame Five Leagues from the Borderlands, designed by Ivan Sorensen, players will assemble a warband of hard-scrabble adventurers fighting to reclaim the land from the sinister forces that threaten to envelop it in darkness. The game offers procedurally generated fantasy campaigns featuring skirmish miniatures battles where you hunt down your foes, sneak into enemy camps, crawl through underground cavern complexes, track down terrifying monsters, and engage in multi-stage quests. While you adventure, the game world will fill in your own personal map with locations to explore!

Both Battlespace and Five Leagues from the Borderlands will be available for pre-order this holiday season via the Modiphius web store.

Index Card RPG Master Edition combines ICRPG‘snumerous worlds, streamlined D20 rules, and critically acclaimed GM know-how — all in one high-quality hardback, totally revised and updated with the latest playtest data gathered from players all over the world. For the first time, this edition will be available to fans across the world through their friendly local game shop.

Viking Death Squad is a world, RPG system, and play resource inspired by the heavy metal super classic “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. This TTRPG is an explosive game of immortal Vikings, cybernetic horrors, and demonic legions. The compact hardbound book is jam-packed with hard-edged artwork by Brandish Gilhelm, with all the brutality, battleaxes, and screaming skulls the genre demands.

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