Drills! Guns! Drill guns?! Volcanoids gears up for a BIG combat update!


The Volcanoids team is going full steam ahead on a new combat update with new guns, gear, and enemies, releasing this January

Volcanoid, the team behind steampunk shooter survival game Volcanoids, has announced the next big update to their Early Access title. New challenges and gear await players as they tackle the volcano challenge  – and the mysterious robots defending it – in the upcoming Combat Update. 

The upcoming update adds new guns and gear, such as the SMG, Sniper Rifle, and armor. New robots with a greater variety of weapons have been added for new challenges, and new turret add-ons for player drillships are also on the way to help fend off hordes of enemies. 

The team has opened up a special beta branch on steam allowing players to get hands-on with and provide feedback on many of the planned changes coming in the January update. 

Volcanoids sets players on an expedition to a forsaken island racked by mysterious volcanic eruptions triggered by mechanical beings. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, players must commandeer and upgrade a drillship to dive below eruptions that make the surface uninhabitable for periods of time. By exploring the island, players can discover new blueprints for ship upgrades and equipment, resources to refine and build, and rare technologies that will turn the battle against the mechanical monstrosities. Discover the mystery behind the eruptions and reclaim the island as your home on your own, or tackle the challenge with two to four friends in multiplayer.

Volcanoids is currently available for Windows and Linux in Steam Early Access

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