Voltage High Society Out Today on Steam


First-person Metroidvania

Independent development studio Platonic Partnership is releasing their game, Voltage High Society,  a First-person Metroidvania on Steam Early Access today. Voltage High Society has a 90’s cyberpunk horror and metroidvania gameplay. The game is influenced by movies like Tetsuo: The Iron Man & Escape From New York.  In Voltage High Society, you are on a journey where you are a nameless prisoner thrown into an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Fight your way through the horrors, gain new weapons and abilities, and look for a way out. 
The game features gritty retro graphics with modern touches, fast-paced and unique combat,  tools that will grant you access to new areas, ways to fight your enemies, and solve puzzles.
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  • Metroidvania-style
  • Fast-paced and unique combat
  • Combines both modern & old school tech
  • Gritty retro graphics
  • Acquire tools to grant you access to new areas

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