Wanted: Tormentor X Punisher beta testers!


We need you to die a lot

We’re going to be talking a lot about Tormentor X Punisher soon but before we do that we want to test the hell out of it, so we’re looking for twin stick shooting masochists to check out TxP and help us completely annihilate demons in an effort to make the game even more over-the-top and ridiculous than it already is.

We are specifically searching for people into overhead shooters like Smash TV, Hotline Miami, and Geometry Wars to help test out TxP. In return for your help we’ll put your name in the credits and, of course, hand over a copy of the game ahead of launch. So, who’s ready to die over and over and over and over?

What we’re looking for in testers:

  • People who will actually submit feedback! This is the most crucial part, so if you have previous testing experience then let’s talk.
  • People who like games that are all about one upping your last high score.
  • People who primarily use Windows (for now).
  • People who are okay with signing an NDA and not talking about the game outside of the testing group. We’re not trying to sound all mean here, we’re just not comfortable with videos, screenshots, and other content from the beta being out in the wild just yet.

If the above sounds like you then please fill out this form! https://goo.gl/forms/zcHbifrnV0ObnfL82

We promise that the info obtained will only be used to help us select participants, we won’t sign you up for dating sites, phony credit cards, or do any activity other than contacting potential testers. We’re keen on privacy!

Beta testing begins early next week, let us know if you’re interested in helping out!


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