Mobile Gaming News: War Wings Update Introduces Six New U.S. Warplanes

Mobile Gaming News: War Wings Update Introduces Six New U.S. Warplanes
Mobile Gaming News: War Wings Update Introduces Six New U.S. Warplanes

Mobile Gaming News: War Wings Update Introduces Six New U.S. Warplanes

War Wings, the hit mobile World War II aerial dogfighting game, has released a major game update that adds new gameplay enhancements including six additional U.S. warplanes and an optimized Base Defense mode.

War Wings features intense 4v4 real-time PVP gameplay that appeals to WWII air combat enthusiasts, and has acquired a 4.4 review rating and over 25,000 comments since its release late last year. The game is currently available for Android devices in most European countries and recently released for iOS devices in Australia and New Zealand. War Wings will be coming soon to the U.S. market.
Six Brand New U.S. Aircraft
The latest War Wings update adds six new aircraft to the U.S. air fleet, raising the number of available American warplane types to 15. The new additions consist of:
  • P-400 (Tier 4): An export model of the Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter, the P-400 was utilized during the early phases of the Pacific War. It has one 20mm cannon, four 12.7mm machine guns, and two 7.62mm machine guns.
  • P-39Q-5 (Tier 5): The final production variant of the P-39 Airacobra, the P-39Q-5 featured reduced armor but possessed increased fuel capacity. It comes equipped with one 37mm cannon and four 12.7mm machine guns.
  •  P-63C (Tier 6): A variant of the ubiqutous P-39, the P-63 was largely used by the Soviet Air Force. The P-63C features an uprated Allison engine and comes equipped with one 37mm cannon and four 12.7mm machine guns.
  • P-47C (Tier 7): Produced in 1942, this version of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt model comes equipped with eight 12.7mm machine gun and a high-horsepower engine for strong firepower and impressive survival capabilities.
  • P-47D (Tier 8): The P-47D was the most-produced Thunderbolt variant and America’s main fighter plane toward the end of WWII. She was the world’s largest single-engine fighter at the time and comes equipped with eight 12.7mm machine guns.
  • P-47N (Tier 9): The P-47N was the last Thunderbolt variant to be produced and featured an upgraded wing/fuel tank design that increased its operational range. TheP-47N model comes equipped with eight 12.7mm machine guns.
Base Defense Mode Upgrades
The Base Defense mode optimization is a key highlight of the latest game update’s play enhancements. War Wings pilots that opt for a Quick Game match fly either a Team Death Match- or a Base Defense-style mission. Base Defense challenges the player to seek out and destroy an enemy command vessel while simultaneously protecting their own flagship. Bomber pilots are tasked with destroying enemy surface units, while fighters must protect bombers and take out gun emplacements on enemy ships.

The updated Base Defense enhancements focus the action and increase the intensity of aerial dogfights with a single approach path to the combat area. Flak damage has also been reduced to diminish the chance of death by Anti-Aircraft artillery, thereby shifting the gameplay emphasis to thrilling plane-versus-plane confrontations!

About War Wings
War Wings is a free-to-play mobile title that features real-time 4v4 online aerial dogfighting action with stunning 3D graphics. The game simulates World War II air combat with a dedicated adherence to historical accuracy, technical detail, and real-life flight dynamics. Players can acquire and upgrade over 70 authentic WWII-era warplanes, but must learn and master flight techniques and aerial combat tactics to defeat enemies and attain PVP air supremacy!
Visit the War Wings Facebook page for the latest game updates.
Additional Game Features
  • Three Gameplay Modes: Play PVP matches against other pilots, fulfill Daily Challenges, or play League seasons to earn special rewards.
  • Customize Warplanes: Explore new tactics and strategies by altering aircraft’s weapons, loadouts, and appearance.
  • Multiple Control Options: Use Accelerometer for tilt motions to control aircraft, Virtual Control to use an onscreen control stick, or Gamepad control to sync a physical game controller.
  • Authentic Flight Action: Perform and master real-life air combat maneuvers such as the Split S, Barrel Roll, and the Immelmann Turn
    to become an ace.


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