WaveCrash!! 1.3: The “I’m Still Alive” Update


WaveCrash!! 1.3: The “I’m Still Alive” Update

Howdy, everybody! It turns out, I’m still around and so is WaveCrash!!! That’s right, it’s the I’m Still Alive Update! 

And we have a very special guest for this update! Dropping into Crash City all the way from Detroit, it’s Wally, star of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield!

That’s right, it’s a dang crossover episode! If you haven’t played Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, you can correct that here: https://www.aerialknight.com/

This dimension hopping free runner comes with a unique bag of tricks. First up is his trait, “Slow Mo”. It causes everything in the game–waves, blocks, other characters–to slow down whenever he activates Hype Mode.

This can be used to avoid oncoming waves, set up your counter attack or just take a moment for yourself. You deserve it.

Wally’s special attack is “Reflect”. For the reasonable price of 6 purple blocks, he launches a super wave that is a mirror image of the last normal wave your opponent sent. 

This is the epitome of a counter-attack! Set up 6 purples and then keep an eye on your opponent’s moves to maximize its impact!

But this update doesn’t only include a brand new crasher! It also contains some long overdue bug fixes and balance updates.


Since Wally comes with his own set of unlockable palettes, all of the other characters on the roster have an additional unlockable palette as well!

Character Updates

Phoebe – Phoebe’s charge up ability is a lot of fun, but also allows her to play very safely without doing much movement. So I’ve made a few changes to address that.

  • Added a time limit for how long Phoebe can hold her attack charge.
  • Slowed down the block attraction effect of her charge

Ji-Yoon – Ji-Yoon’s teleport was a little tricky to manage since it often happened on accident when players were at the edges of the playfield and her special attack was underwhelming to use so I’ve made some changes to fix that.

  • Teleport no longer activates when direction is held at a boundary/barrier. Instead, you must release the direction and then press it again. No more accidental teleports!
  • Ji-Yoon’s special attack, Echo Burn, now has a minimum block length of 6. This means it will create a wave that covers the distance you’ve traveled in the past few seconds or the last 6 blocks you’ve touched, whichever is greater. 

Hana – Hana’s strength level was a little underwhelming after all her nerfs so her blocks now fall a bit faster when they start falling and accelerate quicker as she moves around.

Darlene – Darlene was always intended to be a “high power with a drawback” character but it turns out her drawback (needing to take time to charge up her attack to avoid throwing weak waves) made her not very fun to play. So now she no longer has that weakness! Her attacks now start at normal strength and can be charged up to super waves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing waves to stop moving in doubles mode and rendering it unplayable.
  • Fixed being able to input directions during Hawk Justice’s attacks and breaking his animations in all sorts of ways.

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