Fight for the glory of the empire in We are Legion: Rome, an action-adventure RPG coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


Join the brotherhood of steel and become a Roman legion commander in the newly-announced action-adventure RPG, We are Legion: Rome. The game is planned for release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The Roman empire would not have become the global power of its time were it not for its extremely well-trained, loyal, brutal, combat-experienced, goal-oriented, and ruthless soldiers. Formed in armored legions and armed with swords and shields, they moved forward as unstoppable waves, leaving behind only burned ground. You are one of these legionaries and think highly of yourself. You despise those you consider barbarians and blindly believe that Caesar’s way is the only way.

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist ( and join your ancient, elite cohorts.


We are Legion: Rome is an action-adventure RPG set during antiquity, heavily focused on varied directional attack-based combat. The game will give you the chance to face dozens of demanding opponents on many battlefields. Each opponent will require a different strategy to achieve the goals the Roman empire sets for its legions: from surrounding the enemy and setting fires, through operating siege machines to holding position after securing a victory. As a Roman legionary, you’ll be able to join cohorts of different specializations. The defensive cohort will require the use of a shield, short sword, and particular skillset, while the offensive one will give you a good idea of combat during antiquity while testing your ability to counter and fake stabs. After a battle, you’ll be able to relax at your camp while customizing your character, learning his story, and the game’s fictional background.


  • Join the brotherhood of steel.
  • Enlist with Rome’s most elite troops.
  • Dive into the legion’s life and the rules that drive it.
  • Your survival depends on your equipment and skills.
  • Fight for the glory of Rome.
  • Learn the true face of an ancient war.
  • See how love and hate intertwine.

The legion is you, and you are the legion. Without your brothers in arms, you will achieve nothing, just like the legion needs every legionary to be strong and effective. Be faithful, punitive, and follow orders without thinking twice to get promoted and quickly reach the top of the military hierarchy. A legionary’s reality is not only combat and battlefields, but also mutual relations and everything that makes up camp life. Depending on the cohort you decide to join, you’ll need to equip yourself with the proper weapons and develop a skillset essential for success. Face enemies in brutal encounters, execute tactical tasks, conduct sieges, and try to maintain captured footholds, all in the glorious name of Caesar. Everything from armor and weapons, through combat tactics and fighting style, to the overall look of the battlefield.

Some say that with every life you take, you lose a part of yourself and that only love can save you from the horrors of war. Try to protect your humanity so as not to lose yourself in hateful madness.

We are Legion: Rome is being developed by Titanite Games. The game will be published on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation by Gaming Factory.

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