Castle of Memories – A New Game Set in the World of Memory and Magic


Castle of Memories – A New Game Set in the World of Memory and Magic

In a world where resources are scarce, monsters stalk the wilds, and furtive cultists pray to dark gods, a land in turmoil has great need of heroes.

Enter the Reminders, powerful warriors and survivalists who harness the power of memories to weave incredible magic spells.

In this game, you and your friends will go on dangerous quests, using both spell and sword to bring hope and heroism to a world where might all too often makes right. Fight monsters, brave dangers, and work through hard journeys as you travel across the World of Memory and Magic.

In this game, you will:

  1. Weave magic spells from memories in the form of tarot cards
  2. Generate your character’s backstory with a 4-card tarot reading
  3. Play using a back-and-forth mechanic of playing cards to secure advantages while the GM plays from their own hand to challenge the heroes
  4. Use a d6 dice pool system to determine total or mixed successes and failures
  5. Enjoy a fiction-first role-playing experience where stats are flexible to the story and dice are constantly shifting in and out of your pool
  6. Be daring heroes in a dark world full of perils and adventure
  7. Plan your own adventures as a GM or leave it up to the cards with Inspiration Draws

The World of Memory and Magic

This multiplayer game shares a universe with the solo games Castle of Memories and Forest of Memories in the collection of games known as the World of Memory and Magic. Enter a dark fantasy world where magic is shaped by memories and tarot cards, go on dangerous quests, and overcome challenges!

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