Brelyon Debuts World’s First Headset-Free Virtual Monitor at CES 2022


The Ultra Reality™ product line of virtual displays set to enable new desktop experiences for metaverse, gaming, e-sports and mobile PC users; powered by a new kind of optical technology for monocular depth invented by MIT researchers

Brelyon (, the MIT spin-off pioneering a new category of ultra-immersive display technologies, will debut the Ultra Reality™ product line at CES 2022.

The world’s first headset-free virtual monitor built upon years of optics R&D at MIT, Ultra Reality™ leverages a new kind of optical technology for monocular depth invented by the Brelyon team and previewed at  TEDx. Combining the latest technical advances in novel physics and computational optics with the company’s patented superconic light-field expansion technologies, Ultra Reality™ offers a massive 120-inch plus curved display that provides panoramic, cinema-scale virtual images with meters of true optical depth that pans across both eyes, all in a small desktop footprint.

“With Ultra Reality™, Brelyon is pioneering a new category of immersive displays to bring gaming, e-sports, metaverse experiences and beyond to the desktop,” said Dr. Barmak Heshmat, founder and CEO of Brelyon. “Control on monocular depth has long been the missing ingredient for AR/VR and 3D TVs — that’s because most current 3D displays simulate depth using bulky stereoscopic headsets or glasses that tricks your eyes into believing they see a 3D image. Brelyon has invented a new kind of optical technology for Ultra Reality™ that solves the problem of monocular depth, ushering in a new era of holodeck-like immersive 2D and 3D displays that are set to replace the traditional desktop monitor.”

Ultra Reality™ eliminates the traditional bottlenecks for user and industry adoption by providing: immersion without isolation, support for legacy content, and massive virtual screen real estate without taking up desk space.

From January 5, 2022 through January 7, 2022 at CES, Brelyon will provide demonstrations of the Ultra Reality™ product line as well as its latest collaborations. Highlights will include showcasing the:

  • Larger-than-life e-sports and immersive gaming experiences already offered by Brelyon strategic partners. Brelyon is currently in pilot partnerships with a rapidly growing roster of strategic partners that include Fortune 500 and multinational enterprises across a range of industries for gaming, financial, productivity and industrial applications.
  • Wavefront engineering and patented superconic light-field expansion technologies. Building upon revolutionary work from the MIT Media Lab, the Breylon team has developed technological advances in computational wavefront engineering to emulate a massive panoramic screen with single or multiple depth levels without the need for wearing headsets.
  • Integration with LG Display to open new markets and categories of immersive experiences. To serve the rising large-format gaming and productivity sectors with a solution that far supersedes anything the world of monitors has seen before, Brelyon will be integrating LG Display’s P-OLED technology into Ultra Reality™.

To experience Ultra Reality™ at CES, visit Brelyon’s exhibit at Venetian Expo, #61726. Virtual tours will also be available after CES.

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