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Make a Bootable USB


Having a bootable USB is a very portable, fast and efficient way to install Windows or any other operating system. Even if your CD/DVD drive doesn't work or your Windows CD/DVD gets damaged, you can easily create a bootable usb, select first boot device priorty as bootable usb under BIOS settings and perform the necessary task.


There are many ways to create a bootable usb. One of the easiest way is to download FlashBoot 2.0 software. You can download the demo version from following link:

Download FlashBoot 2.0


The steps to make a bootable usb using Flashboot 2.0 to convert Windows CD to USB are:


1) Run FlashBoot, click Next



2) Choose CD -> USB in Main Menu




3) Choose CD/DVD drive or image file and click Next


4) Choose "Convert Windows XP/2000 installation CD" from the scenario list and click Next


5) Choose target USB disk (flash, HDD) or image file and click Next



6) Enter volume label or leave it as is and click Next



7) Check summary information and click Next



8) Wait for process completion



9) USB disk is ready for use. Click OK to exit

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