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THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Ver. 1.10 is Now Live!

There's always room to improve in the fight game, and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV has just reached the next level with the ver. 1.10 patch. The perfectionists at SNK are always on the lookout to make KOF XIV a better game, and this update will add a fresh coat of paint onto the game. Well, not literal paint, but just take a look at the patch notes!


Update Breakdown:

Significant graphical improvements for the characters and other aspects

2 new color variations per character

Player can now select characters or teams after each match when using the RANDOM / TEAM RANDOM options on the MEMBER SELECT screen

On the Button Config screen, the settings for PLAYER 2 can now be saved

50 new profile icons added (All icons will be automatically unlocked after the update)

100 new Titles added (One title will be unlocked per online match after the update)

Background Noise Sound Effects in FREE MATCH now include all 16 types (Some controls have changed as a result)

Minor bug fixes, functionality improvements

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