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God of War 3

God of War 3
Debates over its final boss fight aside, God of War 2's ending made for good theater: Greek Kratos rode on the titan Gaia's back as she scaled Mount Olympus in pursuit of a gods vs. titans face-off with Zeus and friends. It served as a big cliffhanger -- literally or not, depending on your taste for puns -- which set up God of War 3 as the final game in the trilogy. Looking back on that ending now, it seems clear that the developers knew what they had in mind for the third game all along, but at the time it left a lot open to interpretation. Would it be an entire game on the side of the mountain? Or might Kratos participate in some kind of War of the Monsters-style spin-off?

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Metro 2033

Metro 2033
Creating a videogame based on a novel is surely no easy task, but that's exactly what Metro 2033 tries to do, retelling Dmitry Glukhovsky's book through the first-person shooter medium. The game takes place in the claustrophobia-inducing Moscow metro system in a world that's been ravaged by nuclear war. It's an interesting setting that sets it apart from other games using the apocalyptic setting, and Metro 2033 does a wonderful job of establishing a dystopia for you to wander through. But don't mistake Metro for being anything close to a Fallout 3-esque open world; this is a tightly scripted FPS with some clear survival-horror inspiration that unfortunately suffers from a number of glaring technical issues.

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Def Jam

Def Jam Icon - Beatings with Bass In collaboration with urban lifestyle powerhouse Def Jam Interactive, EA Chicago, the team behind the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS Fight Night series is integrating hip hop culture and gaming like never before. With the hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you, the game's environments pulsate, crumble and explode life with every bone-jarring beat.

Musically Charged Combat:

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Xbox 360 Kinect

Xbox 360 Kinect demoMicrosoft announced today, worldwide, prices and marketing conditions for Kinect, the new motion sensor for the Xbox 360. With the command is given a new edition of the console, cheaper and with less memory. The new control system will cost 149.99 euros and comes with the game "Kinect Adventures," a title designed to take advantage of the characteristics of enhancement, in which "players can participate in 20 adventures, rafting exciting, hide and dodge on mountain paths and other exotic places filled with obstacles, "the company forward in the statement.

The equipment and the game is compatible with any model of Xbox 360 (provided with 175 MB of memory available), but who do not already have one before you can choose the bundle that includes a new version of Console: Xbox 360 4GB. The package, which includes the Kinect, the game and the new Xbox will be on sale for 299.99 euros.

The offerings that include the command should be placed on sale in time for Christmas shopping, but the new console will also be marketed separately to 199.99 euros, with arrival in stores August 20 for Portugal. This model, "with a new design and slimmer," includes "Wi-Fi N, 4GB internal memory, touch-sensitive buttons and a matte black finish," states Microsoft. Remember that this month Microsoft had already extended the range of Xbox, to the provision of a 250 GB version, which costs 259.99 euros.

Today the company also has advanced prices for three of 15 games "movement" which tells of the sale to the date of release of Kinect the Kinectimals "," Kinect Sports 'and' Kinect Joy Ride, "which will cost 49.99 euros each.

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