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Facebook Message Bombing


Now see there are three ways for message bombing on facebook:-
1)Using iMacros addon of the Mozilla firefox.
2)Using a bombing php script.

3)  Using Autoclicker.

This article describes how you can bomb anyone facebook account with messages using a very simple and easy to use tool.

Now follow these steps:-
step1> Download the Autoclicker from the softwares section.

step2> Open your facebook profile.

step3> Visit m.facebook.com

step4> Search the profile of the person you want to bomb.

step5> Now near his profile picture you can see a button message >> click on that button.

step6> Now type any message.

Step7> Run the autoclicker software and set Number of clicke to say, 9999 (this is the number of messages we are going to send).

Step8> Now press go.

Step9> You will see a countdown till three before the clicks start occuring. (Keep the cursor anywhere except the send button.

step10> Now once the automatic clicks start move your cursor to send button and keep it there till the number of clicks you entered have been made.


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