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XBOX : Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time – Expansion...

Journey to Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time, an expansion pass for the game launching on December 5. Adventure to this faraway land and utilize a mysterious new Royal Tool - the Hourglass - as you discover new secrets and treasures and decide if you can trust the nefarious Jafar. SUBSCRIBE TO XBOX: https://xbx.lv/2EEjmaR FOLLOW XBOX https://twitter.com/xbox https://www.facebook.com/xbox https://www.instagram.com/xbox/ https://www.tiktok.com/@xbox

GT : Beast – Official Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

Beast is available now in Steam Early Access. Check out the latest trailer for Beast to see combat and learn more about this tactical turn-based RPG. The first Early Access version of Beast features two main character story arcs spanning over 20 missions, multiple companions, and more. After escaping ten years of slavery from the Ottoman Empire, protagonist Anton Sabbados returns home to discover everything has changed. Finding no time for solace, Anton is ordered to accept one last mission from Prophet-King Lurius. Struggling with his sanity, Anton sets out with his companions. When antagonist Prince Nicolai learns that Anton has been given a critical mission by his father, King Lurius, the Prince sets out to stop Anton for his own selfish reasons.

GT : Beast – Official Playable Villain Announcement Trailer | TGS...

Meet Prince Nicolai of Carpathian Ruthenia in this latest trailer for Beast, and get a peek at gameplay and this playable villain from the upcoming tactical turn-based game with RPG elements. In Beast, the game's story will be told from two sides, intertwining protagonist Anton Sabbados and antagonist Prince Nicolai’s destinies. Imprisoned at a young age and later adopted by King Lurius, Nicolai was brought up to become the successor to the throne. Used to his privileged position, Prince Nicolai willingly played his part in his father’s schemes until learning about King Lurius’s heinous past. Prince Nicolai will question everything he knows; the dogma, domestic politics, foreign relations, and his own role in Lurius’s dynastic plans. When Prince Nicolai learns that Anton has been given a critical mission by King Lurius, he sets out to stop Anton for his own selfish reasons. Beast will be available on PC.

PlayStation : Minecraft – Disney Worlds of Adventure Launch Trailer |...

https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/minecraft/ Step into the magic of six classic Disney tales with this unique world. Explore the streets of Agrabah with Princess Jasmine or find treasure in the depths of Atlantica with Ariel. Collect flowers with Snow White or take a trip through Wonderland with Alice. You can even meet young Simba and Nala and cook with Lumiere for Belle and the Beast! Collect gem shards to teleport between worlds, unlock abilities for the Crystal Compass, and upgrade the magical Gem Wand. Wrap up your Disney collection with the free Platinum Crown available in the Dressing Room! #ps4 #ps4games #minecraft #disney



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