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PlayStation : Little Goody Two Shoes – Launch Trailer | PS5...

Be ready to step into Elise’s shoes and soon find yourself immersed in a ’90s-inspired horror narrative adventure game. While you manage Elise's day-to-day life in the charming but mysterious village of Kieferberg, doing chores and going on dates with lovely bachelorettes, you will soon be compelled to step into the woods as your dream turns to curse. By night, you must navigate through the wicked woods, solve puzzles, and most importantly, survive until you face the ultimate choice. Will Elise risk it all for the sake of a dream, or settle for her humble day-to-day life? The ending of this tale is yours to write… #ps5 #ps5games

PlayStation : Little Goody Two Shoes – Story Reveal Trailer |...

Little Goody Two Shoes is a horror narrative adventure game that takes you on a fairy tale journey where all your choices matter to stay alive. #ps5 #ps5games



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