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HGUnified : Hitman Absolution™: Victoria’s secret- Super agent

Game: Hitman Absolution Player Darknight Difficulty: Nomal About the game: Hitman: Absolution is an action-adventure stealth game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. the game features "instinct mode" which allows 47 to predict enemy patrol routes, much like the "sonar vision" that was featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, "eagle vision" in Assassin's Creed, "tracker mode" in Crysis 2, and "Detective mode" in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game has also been improved in all aspects to provide a more console-like third person shooter experience along with the classic stealth elements the series is known for. Gameplay tested on: GPU: AMD XFX Radeon HD 6950 CPU: AMD FX-6100 Motherboard: 970A-G45 HDD: WD 500 GB You can follow me on: https://twitter.com/HGunified To get updates on facebook, like us on: http://www.facebook.com/hgunified You can also visit our site for more info: www.hgunified.com



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