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GT : Stellaris Nexus – Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

Get a deep dive into what you can expect from Stellaris Nexus in this latest trailer for the upcoming strategy game, including your mission objectives, factions, empire expansion, the new league council's role, and more. Stellaris Nexus will be available in Steam Early Access on Dec 5, 2023. In Stellaris Nexus, gather your friends and see who will emerge victorious as the Emperor of the Galaxy. #Stellaris #StellarisNexus #Gaming

GT : Stellaris Nexus – Official Announcement Trailer

Check out the announcement trailer for Stellaris Nexus, an upcoming turn-based multiplayer 4X game designed to be completed in about 60 minutes. In Stellaris Nexus, play as unique factions and leaders against up to 5 other players or against total strangers in skill-based matchmaking, plotting, and battling your way to galactic dominance. A demo for Stellaris Nexus will be available as part of Steam Next Fest, beginning on June 19, 2023. Stellaris Nexus will be available in Early Access in 2023. #GameTrailers #Gaming



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