HTC U Ultra: It’s all about U



Introducing HTC U Ultra. Made for the brilliant you

It reflects U

Beautiful with its sophisticated new liquid surface

It learns from U

Evolving as your companion, getting to know you better over time

It puts U on top

Convenient with a new Dual Display

It listens to U

Unique in adapting sound to your personal hearing

It captures the best U

Vivid light, color and detail with UltraPixel cameras front and back

Reflects U

Your ambitions – reflected

A new, beautifully 3D contoured, liquid surface that’s designed to reflect the best you

Lustrous, symmetrical, curved glass construction1 reflects light beautifully

Color from vapored minerals layered to add depth and brilliance from every angle

As the polished surface bends and blends seamlessly into the side of the phone

Allowing it to nestle perfectly in your hand.

Learns from U

Introducing HTC Sense Companion2

The personal companion who is always learning from you

Suggesting you dress warm and leave for work earlier on a snowy day

Or reminding you to charge if it figures you need more power to last until you get home

And even recommending the perfect restaurant when you’re away for the weekend

It knows you – and it’s made to evolve and get to know you better over time.3

Responds to U

Voice recognition – the most natural way to interact

HTC U Ultra can recognize your voice and respond, even if it’s asleep

Navigate your phone, take or reject calls, snooze or dismiss alarms, and more

Just say the word.

Puts U on top

Get updated, not interrupted

The new Dual Display gives you the information you need, at your fingertips

Perfect for fast, convenient access to the things you use the most

Like your favorite contacts, apps, reminders, event notifications and more

Because what’s important to you should always be right on top.

Listens to U

Every person’s inner ear is as unique as their fingerprint

HTC USonic4 analyzes your inner ears with a sonar-like pulse, and then adapts to you

Like having a sound engineer in your phone

Tiny microphones listen for the sonic reflection in your ears

One in the left ear, one in the right

Analyzing the reflected tone to optimize the headset just for you

Now you can hear the details you were missing.

Whether you’re in a library or at a party, you can adapt your headset to suit noise levels around you.

HTC BoomSoundTM Hi-Fi edition speakers deliver pulse-pounding audio

Featuring separated sound design like leading acoustic systems

Tweeter above, woofer below

While four omnidirectional mics capture positional sound

Recording 360-degree immersive audio that’s just like being there

At the rock show. In the concert hall. Anywhere you want.

Pick the best U

Take brilliant selfies anyway you like

Easily switch between 16MP and UltraPixelTM in the front camera5

So you can choose between unparalleled light sensitivity* of UltraPixel –

Perfect for candlelit dinners –

Or the high resolution of 16MP –

When you want the biggest shot with the most detail.

Captures U

Every phone camera claims to take great photos

Ours is rated the industry’s best

The 12MP UltraPixel main camera delivers less blur, faster focus, better photos at night

Because every photo is important to you, anytime, anywhere.

HTC U Ultra

Perfectly symmetric

Beautifully colored 3D curved glass

Exquisitely thin

Featuring HTC Sense Companion, HTC USonic with 3D Audio, and magnificent cameras

Built to reflect the best U – the #BrilliantU

Available from March 2017


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